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Summer Makeup Looks // Fruity and Sun-kissed Glow

Hi guys, Audrey here! It’s summer for everyone already, and I’m sure loads of you guys are living it up at the beach or easing yourself into that no-responsibilities chill. It sucks, but I don’t actually have the time to get into those summer vibes because my summer is really only two weeks—ceremonies and orientations… Continue reading Summer Makeup Looks // Fruity and Sun-kissed Glow

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Current Faves // Skincare and Makeup

Hi guys! We haven’t posted our favorites for a while now, so we decided to put then together in this post instead. These are all just beauty-related favorites, but they’ve seriously been life-changing. Here are the products we’ve been loving! 1. Peripera Ink Concealer in #1 Cover King Vanilla 2. Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating… Continue reading Current Faves // Skincare and Makeup

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Review // Peripera Ink Concealer

I have been looking for a good concealer to try out for probably the longest time now. I was stuck with Maybelline’s FitMe Concealer that was not even the right shade for my skin tone. I knew I wanted a concealer that’s budget-friendly and at the same time had good coverage for my skin tone,… Continue reading Review // Peripera Ink Concealer

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Review // Peri Pera Ink Velvet vs Peri Pera Airy Ink Velvet

I’m big on lip tints as it is but anyone who knows me well enough can vouch for just how much I ADORE Peri Pera’s formula. I’ve been an avid user of their Ink Velvet line, #7 Dollish Beige Rose being my favorite one out of all the shades. I can’t even count how many… Continue reading Review // Peri Pera Ink Velvet vs Peri Pera Airy Ink Velvet

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Kimi’s Fresh Pink Holiday Makeup Look

This holiday season, I opted for a naturally fresh pink “glow” look. I know official Christmas colors are red and green, but I wanted to match my whole look with my outfit (a purplish pink velvet dress). Lol 😂 Here are the products that I used to achieve this look! <<<< Biore UV Aqua Rich… Continue reading Kimi’s Fresh Pink Holiday Makeup Look

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Review // Peripera Milk Blur Pang Primer in Peach

Product Details What: The new Peripera Blur Pang Milk Blur Primer Collection includes 3 sweetly formulated textures for that airbrushed finish, like as if all your flaws were blurred away. This unique formula includes:  – NEW ZEALAND COLOSTRUM: Contains colostrum that was milked within 72 hours in the pristine New Zealand. The freshness of first… Continue reading Review // Peripera Milk Blur Pang Primer in Peach

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Review // Peripera Inklasting Pink Cushion

What: Peripera Inklasting Pink Cushion in #2 “Soft-Focus Effect for a Flawless Look” “Seamless Adherance for a Natural Pink Glow” “Extra Strength Staying Power” Shades Available: #1 Pink Ivory, #2 Pink Beige, #3 Pink Sand (lightest to darkest) The site doesn’t offer a shade picture of 03, but here’s 01 and 02.  Main Ingredients: Peach… Continue reading Review // Peripera Inklasting Pink Cushion