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Just In! Althea A’bloom Review

Hey guys! We recently received a package from Althea containing their recent releases: the Althea A’bloom line of products. We’re always so so excited for all of Althea’s new releases because they consistently create top-quality products and provide great packaging. This line is no exception to that Althea promise, and I’ll be sharing my exact… Continue reading Just In! Althea A’bloom Review

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Easy Glittery Makeup Tutorial ft. Althea

Hi everyone! We’re so excited to show everyone Althea’s new makeup collection! For the past year, they’ve been releasing lots of amazing skincare products, so we’re really just excited to try out their makeup too! We noticed that one of the key highlights from this collection is their eye glitter, so obviously we went for… Continue reading Easy Glittery Makeup Tutorial ft. Althea

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Review // Benefit Hello Happy Foundation

If you saw my last blog post, you would know that I recently received Benefit’s new Hello Happy Foundation as a birthday gift from one of my friends. I was so excited to receive this because I’ve seen all the cute promotional shots on IG and I felt like I needed something like this, a… Continue reading Review // Benefit Hello Happy Foundation

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First Impressions // Mini Drugstore Haul

Hi guys! Watson’s not-so-recently changed up their whole vibe into something a lot sleeker and more beauty-centered, at least in certain branches, so it’s pretty predictable for us to have been shopping there more and more in recent times. It’s been refreshing to break away from our usual The Face Shop, Club Clio, and Benefit… Continue reading First Impressions // Mini Drugstore Haul

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Photo Gallery // The Dessert Museum

Hey guys! Every once in a while, a new blogger hotspot pops up, and this season’s happens to be The Dessert Museum. This particular museum has eight different rooms, all equally sweet and eye-catching. Each area is a new photoshoot opportunity, so no wonder it’s gotten so popular! Come with us as we take you… Continue reading Photo Gallery // The Dessert Museum