Love, Beau Belles was created with the purpose of spreading beauty and love to the world. To embody the name of Beau Belles would be to be beautiful inside and out. This blog was started as a way to showcase the things we enjoy and the things we are passionate about. With every post we write, we aim to paint a new shade of beauty into the world. As we sign off every blog post with love, we want to leave a mark of hope and positiveness to all and deliver to you another one of life’s many pretties.


kimibeaubelle | 21 | MNL | @randomsupergirl

Aside from becoming a mermaid princess, Kimi is still figuring out what she wants to do in the future. She is currently a freelancer and does various passion projects, such as selling cosmetics on her online shop. She likes reading, writing, watching k-dramas along with Harry Potter and Doctor Who. She is a cheerful, optimistic person who has a genuine belief that people are good and an extreme love for sweets. She’s into swimming, travel, beauty, food, and basically anything that brings beauty to life.


berylbeaubelle | 16 | MNL | @berylski8

Beryl is your definition of a typical girly girl. She loves fashion, makeup, travel, and romantic movies or dramas. She also owns the infamous “17 rips” aka a pair of ripped—or should i say shredded?— jeans. Her absolute weaknesses are pink, glitter, and unicorns. Her hobbies include sleeping, eating, and watching makeup tutorials on youtube. She may be happy-go-lucky, but she definitely has big dreams for the future and enough passion for the things she loves.


audreybeaubelle | 15 | MNL | @auds_sy

Audrey, the youngest among the three, is an aspiring cosmetic chemist. She may not like science, but she loves makeup, skincare products, and perfume. In her spare time, she enjoys binge-watching k-dramas, browsing beauty blogs, and watching beauty-related videos on youtube. She also aims to visit as many cafes as she can in her lifetime, plus points if they have matcha latte. Even with her slightly more serious approach to life, she is an absolute sucker for cute, feels-filled movies and would be down for food trips anytime.