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Review & Swatches // Etude House X Red Velvet Matte Chic Lip Lacquer Red Velvet Luv Kit

Red Velvet fans, rejoice! Now you can have red velvet lips with this limited edition set of rich and hydrating long-wear matte lippies. Vividly pigmented and infused with oils to smooth and moisturize skin, the lightweight-feeling Etude House Matte Chic Lip Lacquer Red Velvet Luv Kit formulas go on softly and dry down quickly to a velvety, petal-matte finish.

Set : 5 lipsticks, each 4 grams + 6 Red Velvet photo cards

I got this set during my trip to Korea last May. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a Red Velvet fan apart from the few songs I like from them (Bad Boy is the song of the lyf🤟), but I LOVE Etude House and all the shades look so pretty on the girls that I couldn’t resist buying the full set.


The set has all 5 lip lacquers with their boxes placed inside a tray with a plastic cover. The photocards are also placed inside. The primary packaging itself is a frosted glass bottle that allows you a peek into the color of the lipstick, with a typical doefoot applicator. I’m not particularly fond of the design of the packaging and I think it’s a bit too serious and plain compared to Etude House’s usual playful and girly aesthetic, but it’s generic enough that it works without looking tacky.


Here are the color descriptors for each shade!

  • Wendy – Brown
  • Yeri – Pink
  • Joy – Grapefruit
  • Irene – Red
  • Seulgi – Burgundy

I feel like there’s not much variety in terms of the colors in this set because Yeri, Joy, and Irene all look close when swatched on my arm and lips. They all just seem very bright red and the difference is pretty minimal. It would probably take someone who’s used to looking at colors for a living, to see an apparent difference between the shades.

I really really like Seulgi and Wendy’s shades though. Wendy is not brown on me, and it’s actually a lot more pink, but I love it because it’s so wearable for any type of skintone. Seulgi’s color is a very deep burgundy red, which I feel would suit certain occasions or moods.

I wish they had added something a bit more coral or peachy, and probably a classic red color — which is what I honestly expected from Irene’s shade, but turned out to be just bright red.


The formula is a lip lacquer that applies liquid but dries into a powder matte finish. It’s actually very comfortable and doesn’t feel drying at all even when I was doing my lip swatches and had to remove and apply each shade again and again. It thinly spreads over the lips but it’s highly pigmented with rich color payoff. I wore this throughout the day and I have to say that it’s certainly VERY longlasting, and absolutely TRANSFER-PROOF. I had 2 meals but the product still stayed on my lips!!! However, it tends to settle on the lips, and lines tend to appear, making it look a bit dry, but still acceptable as far as matte liquid lipsticks go.

I tried retouching, but it didn’t really work out that well because it gets a bit flakey throughout the day, so I guess it’s best to actually remove the remaining bits of product, then apply again as a whole.

On my lips: Yeri, Joy, Wendy, Seulgi, Irene


I’ve tried a lot of liquid lipsticks, and although this is not the most comfortable one I own, I think it’s not as drying as it should be given how smudgeproof it is! Usually matte liquid lipsticks that don’t smudge or move are VERY VERY DRY and actually dry up like cement — but this one is actually very comfortable that I have no qualms of keeping it on my lips all day. AND, it has never caused my lips to bleed (which is a common thing that happens to me when I use other matte liquid lipsticks).

Although I still won’t use this everyday, since I prefer balms and tints and lighter formulas (just a personal preference), I think this is a great formula to wear for events and parties where I need something a bit more long lasting.




Long lasting

High color pay-off

Relatively comfortable (as far as matte liquid lipsticks go)

Easy to remove


Doesn’t retouch well

Colors in the set look the same (there might be a bit more variety in the other shades, but I haven’t really checked the others outside of the Red Velvet collaboration)



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