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Summer Makeup Looks // Fruity and Sun-kissed Glow

Hi guys, Audrey here! It’s summer for everyone already, and I’m sure loads of you guys are living it up at the beach or easing yourself into that no-responsibilities chill. It sucks, but I don’t actually have the time to get into those summer vibes because my summer is really only two weeks—ceremonies and orientations included—so I really have to make the most of the time I have. I was still feeling pretty worn down from school and finals and prom that I felt dull and haggard most days while sleeping in and napping for way too long. Now that I’m finally getting in the swing of it, I decided to kick off my summer with a new look that I’ll be sporting, like, everyday (or, you know, when I actually get off my bum and do something).

Here it is! I’ve paired a peachy lip shade with orange lids that lighten around the edges to make them look peach-ish when my sleepy eyes are actually open. My eye bags were too tragic for my concealer so I spread some of that orange at the bottom and dragged a reddish shade at the bottom edge just to add dimension and turn that sleep-deprived reddened area into something pretty. Because my eyes are puffy and half their usual size, I decided to line them with dark brown eyeliner, something I never do, and that really made all the difference in making my eyes pop.

For this look, I went with a nice, natural cream blush and replicated that natural blush that getting a tan gives you by dragging it over my nose bridge and all the way up the apples of my cheeks. I need all this glow to look alive, guys, please. Also, I got my makeup done for prom, and the artist was kind enough to clean my brows for me (I know they were sad and messy, sorry) which is why I only needed around 5% of my usual effort to clean that mess up. I decided to keep them neat and natural and not too strong because it really helps bring that sweet, glowy image.

Here’s a list of the products I used:

Peripera Blurpang Peach Milk Primer

Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation

Peripera Ink Concealer

blk Cosmetics Cream Cheek Paint in Strawberry

The Face Shop Brow Pencil

The Face Shop Brow Mascara

Benefit Precisely, My Brow

Mac Blush in Melba

Carmex Lip Balm

Details Makeover Autumn Eyeshadow Palette

3ce Velvet Lip Tint in #Save Me

If you guys read that list of products, you’ll realize there’s no highlight anywhere in there. Truth is, all this glow you see is just sweat :/ HAHAHA I’m only (kinda) kidding! My skin is oily, and I sweat in the summer so I skipped out on the highlight in favor of letting my oily skin glow instead.

Here’s a close-up on the lips:

Hope you guys liked it! ❤

Hey guys! It’s Beryl here! For my summer look, I’ve decided to go with something bright, simple, and glowy! Unlike Audrey, I wanted something more pink, so I used a pink transition shade and a reddish pink shimmer on my eyelids. (although, it isn’t very seen in the pic). I also used a strawberry shade for my cheeks and a glossy pink tint!

If you would notice I only used the bare minimum products for this look, so it’s really great for lazy people like me. 😂 Also, I wanted a glowy look, but we forgot to bring a highlighter on our makeup bag, so if there’s any sheen or glow on my face, it’s probably just my sweat. The heat in Manila is just intense man.

Hope you liked our looks! ❤️

Here’s the list of the products I used:

Peripera Blur Pang in Peach

Peripera Inklasting Cushion in Shade #02

Peripera Ink Concealer in Cover King Vanilla

blk Cosmetics Cheek Paint in Strawberry

Details Makeover Autumn Eyeshadow Palette

Innisfree Lip Tint

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