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Details Autumn Eyeshadow // Review

“Steal the scene and transform your eyes during the day or at night with our Autumn eyeshadow palette with 15 stunning matte and metallic shades. Each shade is carefully picked to help you take your look from daytime neutral to nighttime glam.”

Cruelty-free and Made in P.R.C

Php. 699.00

It’s funny how a Philippine brand made an Autumn eyeshadow palette when there isn’t even Autumn in the Philippines, but I’m not really complaining. I was strolling around Watsons one day and randomly opened up a tester of this palette. I was amazed with how unique some of the shades are and upon swatching, I was shocked with the pigment. Even if this eyeshadow palette is autumn themed, I think some of the shades also work well for summer and for everyday!


The box that comes with this eyeshadow palette has a more vivid and detailed autumn trees print while the print on the palette itself has a more toned down effect and blurry look. The design of the palette itself isn’t the best or the most eye-catching, but at least it sticks to the autumn theme.

The size of the palette itself with the number of eyeshadows inside are pretty good. For 15 eyeshadows, the palette isn’t bulky. It even comes with a mirror. The shade names are also listed inside, which is good.


First of all, I love how the shades are well thought of. There are 8 matte shades and 7 metallic shades on this palette. There’s an army green, a gray, and an orange shade in the palette, which is so unique. All shades are really soft and smooth, but not to the point that it can crack easily.


These shadows swatch pretty good especially the metallic shades. The only one that’s kind of chalky is the brownish black shade (Opal). On the eyes though, it’s best to just use your fingers for the metallic shades or a sponge tip applicator to get the pigment plus the shimmers. If you use a flat synthetic brush, most of what’s seen in the eyes are is just the glitters and not the actual color. Using brushes for the matte shades is not a problem! Just tap off the excess and the color still shows up well. It’s not like the pigment that goes on is so dark and intense which makes it easier to build up the color too. These shadows blended together work really well. The shades truly work well for a daytime or a nighttime look! I love how the shades are also warm toned. If I would change anything about this, I would probably just add a sunset yellow shade and maybe remove either Flint or Caden since these two look alike when they’re on the eyes. That way, this would be an even greater eyeshadow palette!

Left-right, top-bottom

Value for Money: Definitely worth it! For only Php. 699.00, you already get 15 eyeshadow shades. That’s like Php. 47.00 per eyeshadow. Go to your local Watsons store and grab one now!


Packaging design isn’t the cutest

Great eyeshadow shades

Pretty good pigmentation

Really affordable

My current go to eyeshadow palette!

Rating: 9/10

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