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Trying Out Miniso’s We Bare Bear’s Sheet Masks

I am such a digger for cute packaging!! Gaah, I’m so excited to be able to try all of these. Even if I’ve tried using Miniso sheet masks before, there’s something about adorable packagings that really get to me. I tried these out on 4 different nights, and I’ve finally gathered some thoughts.

What: WeBareBears x Miniso Collection – Sheet Masks

Price: Approx. 160 pesos

PINK Sheet Mask – Moisturizing and Glossy

BLUE Sheet Mask – Water- Locking Facial Mask

MINT Sheet Mask – Clear and Soothing

YELLOW Sheet Mask -Deep Hydrating

Although each sheet mask has it’s own specific purpose, I honestly can’t tell the difference. They all feel the same when applied to the face. They have the same smooth and thin fabric texture, and the feeling of having a fresh non-sticky face after removing the sheet mask, and the morning after. Maybe it actually kind of did its job, but I’m sure you won’t see any spectacular results. I feel like these sheet masks are perfect if you just want to calm your skin and keep it cool since they did not help with any of my acne, scarring, or redness. The pink sheet mask was actually the best smelling out of all with it’s floral perfume scent. The rest were kind of okay, I guess.

Despite not experiencing anything spectacular, I’m still really happy I glad to try these out! They are just too adorable that I want to just purchase more of the products in the collection! ❤️

Rating: 8/10

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