Outfit Diaries // Street Chic

I’m the type of girl who always finds herself in between of two opposite styles. If I could make a very Beryl look, it would definitely be a mix of feminine and street style, and that’s exactly what I can call this casual look I’ve come up with. The uniqueness of using my preppy tube gingham top paired with distressed jeans and some Vans created a such “Beryl Outfit” feeling overall.


Gingham tube top layered on a plain white t-shirt.

A dress belt turned into a diy looking jeans belt to add a bit of my girly style in to the look.

Distressed jeans and a pair of old school vans.

White Shirt: Terranova / Tube Top: Unbranded / Jeans: Stardivarius / Shoes: Vans

Don’t be afraid to try out new looks and go out of your comfort zone. I promise, you’ll be amazed with the outfits you’ll come up with, and you’ll feel more confident with yourself. 🙂

Embrace your own style.

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