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Review // Aprilskin Turn-up Color Treatment


Okay, so I wasn’t expecting much from this because I realized it was meant for people with bleached hair. I did do an at-home dye job on my hair a while back, but it barely did anything, leaving my hair in a still dark shade of brown with only slightly lighter ends, so my expectations weren’t really high for this. I tried this out mainly because I was curious, not really because I wanted red hair or expected actual results.

Hair after the useless at-home dye job months ago at the ends 

Hair after using the treatment (lol, change in the undertones mainly)


I gotta say I love the packaging of this. There’s something about the look and feel of it that’s just seriously appealing, plus it comes with gloves and a plastic shield for your clothes which is really handy.


It’s pretty easy to spread through the hair! If you have really bleached hair, it’ll be obvious when you’ve coated everything you’ve needed to coat. 


Most hair dyes smell unnervingly chemical, but because this is not a hair dye but a hair tint and contains mainly natural ingredients, it smells really good. If they came out with a shampoo in this scent, I would buy it in a heartbeat. It’s kind of like salon shampoo but more feminine and flowery.


Be really careful guys! If you’re using this for your entire head of hair, make sure to do it on a day where you won’t be going out. This does stain your scalp and any other skin that comes in contact with it. I got a bit on my sink, and it wouldn’t come off completely. Wear a shirt you don’t care about and use a towel you don’t mind getting stained because this could get messy. The amount of product used depends on your hair. I’ve got mid-length hair that’s pretty thin, so I only felt the need to use half. Also, make sure to patch test for allergic reactions.

Value for Money:

For approx. PHP 500.00, I think this is actually super worth it but only if you have hair that’s been bleached to a lighter blonde shade. If your hair is dark, don’t expect much. They have a general guide on how the tint will look on different shades of hair, so make sure to refer to that before buying. Remember, it only adds color, so think of it like a red crayon over the shade of paper (hair) you choose.


It nourishes your hair (seriously, my hair was so soft after) and makes it smell seriously good. The color pay-off is really pretty too, but not when you’ve got brown to black hair, so I say if you’re bored with blonde or light brown and wanna change it up without committing to a hair color, this is really useful. It doesn’t add any damage—the opposite actually—and almost always guarantees a pretty shade. 

Rating: 7/10

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