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My Go-To Travel Makeup Look

Hi guys! Since we’re already well into December, and everyone’s either about to go on their holiday break or is already in the swing of it, I’m sure loads of you guys will be traveling. So have I, actually! I’m back in my hometown, have been for three days now, and I am loving it. I know a lot of people are iffy when it comes to travelling with makeup on, but I wanted to show you guys the makeup look I normally go for whenever I travel. It’s built around the issues I normally have when I travel (e.g. dead-looking skin, reapplication, etc.), and I hope you guys find it helpful as well.

I know people use varying levels of makeup depending on what they want, so below is a slow build-up of what you could use depending on what you need. 

Long flight?

If you’ve got a really long flight ahead of you—I’m talking hours and hours—it would be best to keep your skin as free as possible. You can go bare-faced, but if that’s not your thing, Peripera’s Blur Pang in peach can also help give you a healthier glow while keeping your oily skin at bay. A cushion instead of foundation is a better choice because it’s more breathable, easier to apply, and you can bring it along with your other carry-on items without worrying about spillage or going over the liquid limit. Tinted lipbalm like Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment is also great because it gives you color without being drying or over-the-top.

Peripera’s Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur

The Face Shop’s CC Ultra Moist Cushion in the shade V203, Natural Beige

Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment in Simply Rose

Eating on the plane?

The tinted lip balm does fade rather easily though, so if you want a more long-lasting pout, you can use lip balm and liquid lipstick. I really like Carmex’s lip balms because they’re super heavy duty meaning they hold up even under matte lipsticks, and they’re minty, so if your breath’s getting a little gross, you can pop this on and feel a little better. 

Any of colourpop’s liquid lippies will do (although I would suggest avoiding the matte ones), but I chose the lip gloss in the shade Aquarius. The formulation and shade together is perfect if I want to look effortlessly put together. (Also, I’m an aquarius, so I gotta be a bit biased.) Glosses aren’t as long-lasting as the satin or matte or ultra-matte ones, but I don’t really mind. I find that the shade is also perfect for me. It can seem a little grey-toned under certain lightings, but it doesn’t wash you out at all, and the first time I used it, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.

Throwing on some powder could also clean up your look a little if you tend to get oily on flights like I do.

Carmex Lipbalm

Kathleen Lights x Colourpop’s Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade Aquarius

Trolls x The Face Shop’s Oil Clear Blotting Powder

Got a post-flight agenda?

Some people are on that constant hustle and just need to look presentable, not like they’ve been crammed into a metal trap and shuttled through hundreds of miles. I also feel this need to look human after a flight, so I’ve highlighted some of my post-travel issues and how I try to alleviate them.

Dull-looking Skin:

Aside from the primer that really brightens up the skin, I pop on a nice blush and a cream highlight to look alive again. Canmake’s highlight is super subtle and natural-looking, and it’s my go-to for flights even if it isn’t my go-to in everyday situations, especially because the packaging is also so small and convenient.

Puffy Eyes:

My eyes are already normally a bit puffy, and they’re worse after sleeping on the plane. Oftentimes, flights are early, and no one has the time to do professional-looking eyeshadow looks at such early hours, so I use a neutral, matte, dark brown shadow. H&M’s is actually really soft and nicely pigmented, and it wouldn’t hurt too much if you lost or broke it while traveling.

Since my eyes can also end up looking a little dead, I like to dab on a bit of glitter eyeshadow right at the center and spread it out a little so that it’s not too concentrated. I think it really brings life back into your eyes and naturally draws other people’s gazes to them. If you’ve got oily lids though, it’s best to use eye primer beforehand.

Oiliness or Dryness:

The charm of having an ultra-moisture cushion and an oil blotting powder is that you can use either one whenever you need it on the plane. Touching up is also super easy with these, so you don’t really have to worry about coming out crusty or oily. 

H&M’s Infinite Compact Eye Colour in the shade Arabica 

Mac’s Matte Powder Blush in the shade Melba

Canmake’s Highlighter in the shade 01

Marvel x The Face Shop’s Single Shadow in the shade CR01, Hyper Peach

All the products above are good for carry-on luggage, and you can apply them with your hands or already-there applicators too. No need to lug any brushes around with you. Reapplication during or after the flight is also really easy and doesn’t need to be precise at all. 

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