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Review // blk Cosmetics Velvet Lip Cream

It’s the holiday season, finally! I’ve been receiving gifts from friends and relatives continuously, and guess what I got new makeup! One of my best friends actually got me this lipstick, so I finally have the chance to try this out. I’ve also actually been aware of this brand for quite some time now, but it honestly wasn’t something that sparked my interest or was something that I would look for when I go out shopping. Nevertheless, I’m still glad to be able to try this one out, and I was able to gather up some thoughts, so here’s my review!

Product Details:

What: blk Cosmetics Velvet Lip Cream

“Say yes to velvety goodness. Nourish your kissers with our extra hydrating velvet lip cream, which protects and conditions with Vitamin E and camellia oil. One swipe is all you need for full, creaseless coverage—you get a beautiful solid hue with a smooth satin finish every single time.

Active Ingredient: Vitamin E/Camelia Oil”

Price: Php. 299.00

Shades Available:

Alluring- berry red

Flirty- coral pink

Classy- pinkish nude

Refined – peachy nude

Where to buy:

taken from blk cosmetics ig page


taken from blk cosmetics website

taken from blk cosmetics website

Packaging: In my opinion, the box packaging is just okay. I don’t really care about it. It’s not something that’s so special and eye-catching, but when I saw these lipsticks in the stalls, they look organized and good together. I don’t know what to feel about it, it’s just okay. The lipstick container is pretty unique. It’s placed in a clear rectangular packaging with the blk logo printed on the bottom part. I honestly appreciate and like how it looks like especially from afar, but once I actually carry it around, it feels less expensive and classy. Then again, when all these are beside each other, it looks really pretty.

Texture: Since this is called the velvet lip cream, it’s obviously very creamy and soft to the lips. It glides on like a dream with great color payoff. I was pretty impressed really because I did not know what to expect. At the same time, it did not emphasize any lines on my lips and did not cause any cracking as well. I’m really happy with its comfortable formula, but then again it’s not like the most unique shade and type ever.

Scent: No scent.

Application: I applied this simply like how I normally apply other lipsticks. One swipe is enough honestly, but I went with two just because it was so smooth and creamy to the lips. I did not use lip balm underneath, but it felt as if I have lip balm on after applying this. Truly very creamy! One thing though, it can transfer easily! I have to be really careful that my lips won’t touch my clothes cause it can really cause a stain! It’s not very long lasting either, so re-applying is a must!

Value for Money: Php. 299.00 for a lipstick is not bad at all. It has the same price range with Maybelline’s lipsticks, but I feel like this has better overall quality. If you’re in a budget and wanted a simple lipstick to carry around, I feel like this would be perfect.



1. Great color payoff

2. Soft and creamy formula

3. Everyday nude shade

4. Perfect for beginners


1. Not kiss proof, food and drinks proof

2. Very basic, nothing special

Rating: 9/10

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