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Review // The Face Shop x Marvel Lipstick and Single Shadow Jelly

I had a little too much makeup collaborations shopping done for the past few weeks! The packaging of these products just really get to me.

I’ve recently posted a The Face Shop x Dreamworks Trolls Oil Clear Blotting Powder, and I’ve mentioned the poor service of the staff in that branch I went to well the same goes for this branch of The Face Shop, even worse. The staff was not aware that the Marvel collaboration was only available in selected stores, did not know what shade the lipstick I wanted was in, had no idea as well about the other products in the shop.

Product Details:

What: The Face Shop x Marvel Single Shadow Jelly

Amount: 1.5g

Price: Php. 295.00

Comes in 4 shades, but only CR01, BR01, and WH01 were available in the store during that time

CR01- cream champagne
BR01- chocolate brown
RD01- pinkish red
WH01- silver
Taken from The Face Shop Philippines’ IG

Packaging: It comes in a regular circular plastic packaging. The only difference is that it has the Captain America shield printed on top. Even though it’s very simple, I really liked the shield printed on top and decided to get this mainly because of that reason. I have to change my buying habits I know haha. I have to say that since the container is plastic, it can feel a little cheap, but it is strong and looks pretty cute.


Texture: At first I though this was going to be like a very soft creamy shimmery eye shadow, but when I actually applied it on to my eye lids, it seemed like pure small glitters only. I’m actually quite disappointed, but I also don’t have something exactly like this so it’s still something good to have!

Scent: No scent

Application: I feel like the best way to apply this would be using either your fingers or a small, dense brush. I was expecting more of a champagne shimmer shade, but to be honest, the payoff is mostly just glitter. The glitter particles are larger than most products, so they if they aren’t clustered together, it could look like fall out. If you use it properly though, it really helps pull attention to your eyes and make them look a little more alive.

Now onto the lipstick!

Product Details:

What: The Face Shop x Marvel Matt Touch Lipstick

Price: Php. 795.00

Available in 4 shades:

I’m not sure with the exact names, but the other 3 I saw were very vibrant pink and orange shades.

I got mine in RD06, a vibrant red shade.

Packaging: I love the fact that they changed up the look and feel of the tube to really fit in with that superhero aesthetic. It’s light although it looks heavy which makes it instantly feel a little cheaper in your hands, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll break easily either. I personally really enjoy the way this was packaged, and you’ll feel ten times cooler applying lipstick in public.

Texture: Well, a matte lipstick is a matte lipstick. It has very good pigmentation and goes on a bit drier than a creamy lipstick, but it isn’t transfer-proof or anything. It doesn’t dry out your lips though or emphasize texture too much, so that’s a plus.

Scent: There’s no scent.

Application: Since this has really great color pay-off, I usually dab the lipstick several times instead of fully swiping it on my lips because I get too overwhelmed with the pigment.

Value for money: The eye shadow jelly is quite affordable at 295 pesos, but I would not say it’s a steal either because it’s essentially just a glitter on the eyes. The lipstick is quite expensive for 795 pesos since there are other lipsticks in The Face Shop that are priced lesser and I feel like have better shade variations and formula.


  1. Eye shadow jelly is more worth it than the matt touch lipstick
  2. Formula and application of both products are okay, not spectacular, nor is it bad.
  3. Packaging of both are quite unique for me.
  4. The whole collection was not so exciting after seeing everything in actual.



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