Audrey’s Perfume Picks

In the same way that small details make an outfit, enhancing it and adding that extra bit of oomph, scent is the necessary cherry on top of your look. At the end of the day, however minor it may seem, scent leaves an impression, one that could make you favorable or the opposite. I personally enjoy trying out new perfumes and matching scents to my mood or outfit, and I certainly remember when someone I meet smells particularly good as well. That’s why I’ve compiled the perfumes that I currently use.

1. The Body Shop’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist

I fall in love with a certain scent every once in a while, and for the longest time, it was cherry blossom for me. This fragrance mist has a very feminine scent to it, something very stereotypically dainty that it makes you feel prettier with a single spritz. I use this on days that I wanna smell more flowery and feminine than sharp and fresh or when I’m wearing pastel and generally just feeling myself.

2. Bath & Body Works’ White Citrus Fine Fragrance Mist

This is the scent I use when I go to school because it’s clean and sharp, more of a practical, no-nonsense type scent that really pulls you together. I don’t normally like the smell of citrus, but the way this is mixed just works, you know? I feel like it really ties your whole image together, and it doesn’t hurt that the scent wakes me up when I’m feeling too sleepy. I also really really like to overspray my perfume and even do scent layering with the lotion from the same scent line, so I’m glad I can do that with this and not be overwhelming. 

3. Yves Rocher’s Naturelle Eau de toilette

This is one of Yves Rocher’s best-selling perfumes for a reason. The vibe I get from this is similar to the Bath and Body Works one except it’s delightfully neutral and a little less sharp. It’s not a standout scent, but it’s very pleasing, and it works well for everyday wear as well. It’s a scent that doesn’t try too hard, and that’s a good thing.

4. Ralph Lauren’s Tender Romance

Despite my love for fresh, clean scents, I have to admit that I’m especially weak when it comes to scents that are warm and sweet. This perfume is named Tender Romance and aptly so because the warmth and depth of this scent gives us something that’s just so lovely and helplessly charming. It’s a deep scent that strays from the purpose of just smelling good. It also makes people fall a little in love. It isn’t a fragrance mist like some of the ones above which means it lasts longer too—always a plus when it smells this good.

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