Outfit Diaries // Denim Chic

I’ve been meaning to hop on the tea-length skirt trend for a while now, and this wrap-around denim skirt seemed like the perfect entrance to the scene.

The skirt is an odd in-between of statement and simple, so a suited top is rather tricky to find, but I eventually settled on a deceptively plain white piece.

The top isn’t too loose that the outfit loses shape, but it’s not tight either because that wouldn’t provide enough impact with the skirt, being plain in the way it’s straight-cut and neither pencil nor flared despite its length.

The quarter-length sleeves also makes sure that the look isn’t too serious.

Paired with nude heels and a handbag, the look becomes perfect for more professional events. You could make it a little less serious though with a neutral-shade slingbag or more laidback shoes.

Top: Uniqlo

Skirt: Unbranded

Bag: Coach

Shoes: Timberland

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