talk pretty to me

Talk Pretty To Me // September 2017

Talk Pretty to Me is a feature every 1st week of the month where we give a little life update about our plans and what we’re up to this month. So if you want to get to know us, Kimi, Beryl, and Audrey, read on!


The past month has been so eventful that I just want to take a breather this September and chill.  August has been filled with long weekends so I mostly spent those times driving and meeting up with friends and family. I watched a play (West Side Story), attended a photoshoot event (my photo above was taken during that shoot! 😊)  met up with my best friend who came home after migrating to Canada 6 years ago, and also recently went to another friend’s birthday party.

I don’t really have any plans this September so we’ll see where this month takes me. I don’t know about you, but September feels like the longest month ever, and I honestly just want to breeze through it so we can go right into October, then November, then finally December! I am just too excited for the year to end because I love Christmas! It’s truly my favorite season of the year and I just can’t wait for this year’s celebrations ❤


t's been a while since we did a Talk Pretty To Me post. We were all just too busy and too pre-occupied with school and work related agendas, but here's a little bit more summary of what happened to me in the month of August.

First of all, I celebrated my 17th birthday! 🎉 A lot of my friends surprised me with a banner and cupcakes! So yes, it was a fun birthday celebration! 🙂

I was super busy with filling out application forms for different universities here in the Philippines! It was kind of stressful since there were a lot of requirements, but it’s all done now, and I already received some of my test permits, finally!

So, for this month, I will be taking one of the college entrance exams. Wish me luck! 😌 I’m trying to stop being lazy and and actually start studying. Huhu.

Well aside from that, I will be participating in a community service this week. I’m kind of excited to meet children and teens from a totally different community and just reach out to them! I hope that will go well too!

AUDREY The last time we did one of these, I remember school had just started. It’s been pretty chill actually, well, in comparison to last year, so I’ve been more occupied with finishing my application for senior high. I’m planning on transferring schools, so fingers crossed that that goes well! 🙂 With all my applications filled up, all that’s left is to actually study (which is much harder to fit in to my sched, really). 😂😭 Wish me luck, guys! ❤

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