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Unboxing + Review // Althea “Double Trouble” Beauty Box

Today we’re unboxing and reviewing each product inside Althea’s “Double Trouble” Beauty Box! 😊 This is our first time trying Althea’s super popular beauty boxes. These boxes are really popular that they get sold out pretty fast, mainly because they’re packed with so much great products and sold for a very inexpensive price. 

This particular box contains products that are for blemished and troubled complexions, such as spot treatment, sheet mask, overnight masks, toner and more. This is already sold out, but you can purchase their other beauty boxes here:

Find out if this beauty box is worth it by checking out our review below! 😊

1. Laneige Fresh Calming Toner

I’ve been meaning to try out Laneige’s skin care line for some quite now, so when I saw this inside the box, I was VERY excited! This toner contains Lychee Extract and Deep Sea Water, and it’s suitable for those with combination/oily skin types. It claims to calm troubled skin, soothe skin, and restore skin’s balance with refreshing moisture.

Beryl’s thoughts:

  • First off, the packaging is very simple yet it feels quite luxurious. It comes in a clear pink ombre plastic bottle, which I think fits Laneige’s aesthetic well.
  • It’s a very hydrating toner that smells like a mixture of fruit and flowers. I can’t seem to pinpoint what it exactly smells like, but I really like the smell actually. It can be a bit strong when you’re applying it on to the face, but it really does not bother me.
  • I love how it hydrates and refreshes my skin, but I haven’t seen a great difference with my skin before and after using this. It might probably take more time to actually see other results, but as of now it’s a great soothing toner for everyday.

Purchase it at:

2. Onsaemeein Magic Solution Powder

Good acne spot treatments are really hard to come by. Many are overly drying or just completely ineffective, so when I saw this, I seriously hoped it would work well. It comes in a pretty, clean-looking glass bottle and looks so good in your skincare collection too.

Audrey’s Thoughts:

  • Upon initial application, the spot stings a little. It leaves an obvious, tan mark on the skin over the pimple that will discourage you from touching it.
  • The liquid doesn’t fully dry on your face, so while it doesn’t get all over your sheets, touching it will cause it to smudge a little.
  • The treatment is good for smaller acne and spots that have recently been popped, but cystic acne or those that simply aren’t coming to a head yet probably won’t be affected much. I think the best way is to wait for it to come to a head, place an acne patch, then apply the product when the head’s taken out.

Purchase it at:

3. Beuins’ 7 Days Mack Pack Soothing Sleeping Mask

Sleeping mask packs are always amazing for the skin, but oftentimes, they can get pretty hard to manage. I was really excited when I saw this in the package because I really wanted something that didn’t make a mess but that I could leave while asleep. This mack pack soothes and softens sensitive skin with Dragon blood extract overnight.

Audrey’s thoughts:

  • There’s lots of product in a single pack, so you can apply it on your neck and maybe even share with someone as well.
  • The mask was a lot lighter than I thought it would be. It isn’t creamy, not is it really thin. It’s a little gel-like and absorbs into the skin after a short while.
  • I wouldn’t say that applying this is particularly pleasant. It simply feels like moisturizer, but I do  think it helps the condition of my skin however subtly.

Purchase a similar one at:

4. Cleansing Soap (Bamboo Leaf)


  • Natural handmade soap contains Bamboo Extract that has cooling properties and natural ingredients which were fermented for 45 days.
  • Highly recommend for: dry/sensitive skin, irritated skin, clogged skin due to excessive sebum
  • Soothing and hydrating

Beryl’s thoughts:

  • The first thing I noticed about this product is the scent. It has a very strong natural and organic scent that when I first opened the Althea box, its scent was all over. But don’t get me wrong, it does not smell bad at all. It’s just unlike the usual fragranced soaps. It feels natural and calming like spa scents.
  • I love how this brand really uses natural ingredients and how it really values the products it sells. It makes sure that each soap sent to the market are made with quality and care.
  • There truly is a soothing and hydrating feeling after using this, but again I haven’t seen much of a difference. What I know is that it works well even with oily skin because it does not take away the natural oils and it does not make the skin even oilier. It simply hydrates and soothes.

Purchase it at:

5. Royal Skin PRIME EDITION Moisture Bio Cellulose Mask


  • Hydrate the skin for a healthy and balanced complexion
  • Increase your skin’s moisture levels with this transparent contact mask
  • The blue gardenia fruit essence is naturally absorbed into the biocellulose sheet, adding a cooling effect

Kimi’s thoughts:

I haven’t tried a lot of biocellulose sheet masks before so I don’t have much of a point of comparison. This is probably just the second time I’ve tried a biocellulose sheet mask, but omg, I really don’t think I want to go back to regular cloth sheet masks! 😂 I love the feel of this on my skin, because it’s made of coconut gel which makes it very nice and smooth. I also feel like more moisture is transferred onto the skin if it’s in a coconut gel format as compared to a regular cloth format. I always feel as if most of the serum is wasted because the cloth absorbs everything else.

 My skin is also quite sensitive so I have to be careful with sheet masks or else I get slight stings around my face if the mask is of low quality or contains ingredients that could irritate my skin. However, using this particular mask has been such a great experience and I’ve felt a surge of moisture sink into my skin while the cooling effect is continuously in effect. I’m really happy with this sheet mask as it’s really made my skin feel very silky, smooth, and dewy afterwards. I’m just not sure what the effect would be on people who really have intensely dry skin – I have a normal to sensitive skin type – but I can vouch for the moisture I felt when I used this.

Purchase it at:

6. Ladykin Fresh Watermelon Icing Gel Bar


  • This icing gel revives fatigue skin and keeps your skin smooth and radiant.
  • Enriched with 90% fresh watermelon extract
  • Fresh and moisture finish
  • Hydrate and sooth your skin

Kimi’s thoughts:

First off, I love the packaging of this product! It actually looks like an ice cream bar because of its shape and vibrant watermelon design. Most gels I’ve seen are inside a tub so I at first thought this were a body wash or a lotion. I do like the packaging a lot though, and realized that I’m able to dispense the gel easier and less product could be wasted as well. 

I used this when I was so sunburnt after a weekend of swimming. It definitely soothed my skin instantly, and also helped heal the sunburn with continuous everyday use. This can also be used for rashes and red spots for sensitive skin, which I tend to get every now and then. Usually when that happens and I need to soothe my skin, I use aloe vera gel. To be honest, I still think aloe vera is more effective and is able to give a much better cooling effect. However, this can also be a good alternative! 😊 You can also apply this all over the body, especially in dry spots.

7. Skin Food Trouble Clear Spot Patch (Somaderm Spots)

I’m a huge fan of spot patches! I honestly don’t know how I lived without them before, but these have made my life easier on so many occasions, so including one here in this particular box makes me seriously happy.

Audrey’s thoughts:

  • The patch is thinner in width than the Cosrx ones, but I find that they work just fine and will be better under makeup than other brands.
  • I leave it on overnight and it does remove the head of the spot quite well, although it doesn’t work on cystic acne.
  • I have a habit of subconsciously touching any spot that’s particularly bad, and having one of these on top really helps stop you from accidentally popping or infecting the pimple.

All in all, we really enjoyed using all these products, and we’re really grateful to have the opportunity to unbox and review one of Althea’s limited edition box! There is no doubt that this box is worth it for only a bit more than a thousand pesos, you get all full sized products worth a lot more!

If you haven’t tried anything from Althea, we encourage you guys to try them out especially since they now offer cash on delivery here in the PH!

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