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Review // The Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-liners

Product Details:

What: Eyeliner + Eyeshadow (Dual Function)

Long wearing


Where to Buy: You can buy these from any The Browhaus branch. There are branches in Rockwell, Trinoma, Serendra, and more.

Packaging: There are five bi-liners in a pack, all housed in slim, black pencils. They’re sealed individually in plastic when you get them, so you know they’re new. I personally really like the packaging of these liners, mainly because they’re attractive but also minimalistic and easy to carry around. There’s also a panel of color near the end to make it easier for you to tell which color you’re grabbing—absolutely brilliant as it makes everything so much simpler. There’s a sharpener and smudger on the other side, and the top end must be twisted to bring the liner out. 

For the most part, I do like the packaging. You have to be a little more careful with the sharpener and smudger end because they have a tendency to fall out when you jostle them, but if you keep them safely in your makeup bag, they should pose no problem. 

Texture: I wouldn’t say they glide on incredibly smoothly, but they don’t catch and drag harshly on the skin either. When it’s on, it’s not heavy at all, and the formulation, since it isn’t liquid, doesn’t harden and pill on your eyes.

Scent: None.

Application: These liners are actually great time-savers. They’re not meant for precise application, so if you’re into that sharp wing life, this is not for you; however, if you’re like me and your prefer subtler, smudged liner, this would work great. I seldom apply black liner; I prefer colored liner, defined enough to make a statement but blended just the slightest bit into my eyeshadow to soften the look which is why I find these liners so useful. They’re a little smudgy at first, so you have to wait for it to set for just a bit, then voila! You’ve got your eyeliner on, and if you wanna smudge it out into eyeshadow, thicken it a little then use the smudger on the other end or your fingers. 

I think this is better as smudged eyeliner than full-on eyeshadow, but it can work both ways. 

Value for Money: The pack has five shades: Blush, Burgundy, Amber, Noir Shimmer, and Midnight Blue.

Under natural light
Under direct sunlight
Close up, from top to bottom: Blush, Midnight Blue, Amber, Burgundy, Noir Shimmer
After being placed under running water

The shades are unique but surprisingly wearable, aren’t high-maintenance, and are long lasting. I think for the quality, variety, and amount, the pack is already worth it.

Verdict: It’s usually difficult to find metallic liners that even people who aren’t well-versed in makeup can easily use, so I think these are a great start. I’m sure they’re not the best metallic liners out there, but they’re wearable, convenient, and seriously pretty. I’m definitely gonna be using these often!

Rating: 9/10 💕


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