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Delicious Days // Food Trippin’

Summer vacation is officially coming to an end, and we’re already mourning the loss. There’s no better way to spend our last few days of freedom with an exceptionally delectable food trip! As important as warming our minds up for the school year is, we’ve also got to make sure our stomachs are warmed as well. Fair warning: this post has way too much food in it, and you’ll most likely end up craving some greasy fries afterwards. If you’re ready, go ahead and come with us as we travel to out first stop!

1st Stop: Starr’s Famous Shakes

Left – Oreo Oreo Pancake Shake (145 pesos)

Right – Chocolate Famous Shake (95 pesos)

Aesthetic at its finest, Starr’s is great for instagram-able shots! They serve a variety of milkshake flavors, and paired with the cute wall art, light blue interiors, and diner-like floors, any shot you take with your milkshake is sure to look cute.

Rating: 6/10

2nd Stop: Gringo


– Quesadillas (145 pesos)

This is, admittedly, not as cute, but Gringo’s is bathed in a warm, wooden brown that creates a nice homey feeling. It goes well with the Mexican dishes offered on the menu and the variety of drinks they serve. Perfect for a chill lunch with the squad.

Rating: 8/10

3rd Stop: Manila Creamery

– Double Scoop // Kinder Bueno, Coffee Crumble (220 pesos)

Let’s admit it, you can never go wrong with gelato. Manila Creamery offers innovative flavors that correspond with the Filipino spirit. They have options like Taiwan Milk Tea, Davao Chocolate, and even Mangga & Suman. I mean, how cool is that? Each scoop is filled with careful chosen ingredients that have been carefully processed which explains the slightly high price.

Rating: 8/10

The Yard is a food park in Xavierville that is filled with both delicious food options and aesthetically pleasing stalls. We took a spot on the second floor, and I must say that surveying the area from our vantage point will give you a cool, sort-of post-apocalyptic vibe. The stalls are intentionally fashioned to have a run-down, junkyard-like look, and trust me when I say that’s quite awesome.

4th Stop: The Yard – BLACK PLATE

– Buffalo Karaage Bites (150 pesos)

– Musubi

After arriving at The Yard, the realization that the food trip had only just begun was a little surreal. Yay for good food though! Black Plate has loads of options ranging from Burribowls to ramen. It’s like Japanese cuisine with a twist. Must try!


5th Stop: The Yard – Epicure

– Sour Mule 1L (250 pesos)

– Watermelon Lychee 1L (250 pesos)

Having a night out with your friends? Grabbing drinks from Epicure will add a little oomph to your night. I’m not a huge drinker by any means, but I have to say their Watermelon Lychee drink with vodka is fruity-sweet and slightly addicting. The added liquid nitrogen makes your drinks look extra cool and a little more impressive for the snap or the gram. You can get their drinks in 1L or 2.5L buckets, depending on how much you’ll need. There are also stalls selling non-alcoholic drinks, so if this isn’t your thing, no worries!

Rating: 9/10

6th Stop: The Yard – Mac ‘n Chicks

– Honey Garlic Wings (160 pesos)

Pretty straightforward but not any less good, Mac ‘n Chicks offers wings with differently flavored glaze. They serve them with sauce and a side of fries. This is even better when shared with friends! 🙂

Rating: 9/10

7th Stop: The Yard – #SquidGoals

– Squid Fries (250 pesos)

The #SquidGoals neon sign already had me sold as soon as I laid eyes on it. They’ve got varieties of squid-themed dishes, and since we already bought a lot of food, we opted for the Squid Fries which is a little lighter. The food isn’t as cute, but it certainly is good!

Rating: 10/10

8th Stop: The Yard – Ice Box

– Dragon’s Breath 7 pcs. (150 pesos)

Liquid nitrogen has been all the hype, really, so how could we go for dessert without trying this out? Cool? Check. Aesthetic? Check. Snap-worthy? Check. This falls short in the taste department though, but hey, no harm in trying it out, right? 🙂

Rating: 5/10

9th Stop: The Yard – Partners In Cream

– The Brone (150 pesos)

This stall is the absolute cutest! 200% my aesthetic. Their sign is basically a large neon light, the walls and seating area are painted a fun pink, and there’s a neon sign hanging from above that’s bordering on dizzying. They serve really cute ice cream too! Another picture-perfect spot. ❤

(We didn’t try this out, so we can’t really rate it, but our friend who had the ice cream said it was pretty good!)

10th Stop: The Yard – BingSurprise

– Mango Bingsu Large (180 pesos)

Bingsu’s been popping up everywhere recently, so I was only mildly surprised to find one here as well. I promised myself I wouldn’t leave without a bowl, but if I’m being completely honest, this was a little disappointing. The stall’s cute with rainbow pastel colors, wooden barrel seats, and even a unicorn painted on the wall. There’s also a television screen playing Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo–one of my all-time favorite kdramas–so I was excited to try this out. I got this in large, so I could share, but it was still significantly smaller than bingsu from other places, and there wasn’t much mango on it either. Maybe skip out on this one when you go food trippin’.


Yay! We’ve gotten through all the stops already. Tell us which one was your favorite!



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