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Review // Nichido Final Powder

Product Details:

What: Nichido Final Powder

Picture perfect skin in any light, highlights you with soft sheer, flawless effect that keeps natural glow with this final touch.

It evens skintone and disguises imperfection.

Amount: 25g/0.88 oz

Where to Buy: You can find this product in most department stores or Watsons. There are also Nichido stalls you can check out.

Price: PHP 150.00

Story: We’ve been seeing a lot of good reviews for this particular product, so we decided to just grab it and try it out for ourselves. We have a bunch of pressed powders but a grand total of zero loose powders, so we were quite excited to try this out.

Packaging: I’ll just be frank and say that I dislike the packaging. The powder is placed in a plastic container that feels rather cheap, and the puff is too hard and rough and rather inefficient when  it comes to patting the powder in. Even so, I don’t really mind because the product is really cheap. It’s rather bulky, but I feel like that’s because there’s quite a bit of product in there. With this powder, it’s not really about the packaging but about the functionality of the product itself.

Texture: The powder is really fine and has the tendency to fly everywhere when you use your brush to swirl it around. It can get a little messy if you use a lot of the product, but most loose powders are the same way, so it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all, and it gives you a nice, blurred effect. In a way, it doesn’t only keep your makeup in place, it also offers a bit more coverage, so if you’re into just using powder and nothing else, this might work for you.

Scent: I absolutely LOVE the scent of this product for some reason. It reminds me of baby powder, really fresh and sweet in a way.

Application: As with most loose powders, the best way to apply is really by using a good brush. The puff here does its job, but it’s not ideal, and I personally don’t like the way it feels on my skin. 

I usually tap out the product onto the cap then pick it up with a brush. I try not to grab too much because it honestly could get everywhere. Tap the excess off to avoid looking cakey then apply as much as you want. 

Value for Money: Totally worth it! The product is really cheap, especially compared to other powders, both pressed and loose. This does a great job of mattifying the skin, and it comes in a bunch of different shades as well. The one I got is called Pink Glow, and I find that aside from mattifying the face, it lends a nice freshness to the skin. 

Verdict: All in all, this product is cheap and good. It delivers on its purpose well, and the packaging doesn’t really matter when you’re not going to bring the whole powder with you anyway. The puff isn’t great, but you can always use a brush, and for the price you’re paying, the product is already really good. I’ve been using this all the time lately then just bringing along a smaller pressed powder with me which I end up never using since this is so good at keeping me matte. Definitely worth a try at least, you might end up loving it!

Rating: 9/10

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