“Burnt” // Makeup Look

This “burnt” makeup look incorporates easy to use makeup products that I use very often! The eyeshadow, lip color, and blush are the key essentials that help give that smoked vibe. 

1. Primer : Peripera Blur Pang (Peach Milk Blur)

I opted to use this primer since it already has SPF 30. I don’t usually incorporate sunscreen in my daily skincare routine, so a two in one product really makes me feel more protected from the sun with less hassle (sorry i’m lazy)! I also really like this product a lot. I’s just a good everyday primer.

2. Cushion Foundation : Peripera Inklasting Pink Cushion

I have also been loving this cushion lately because it’s also a very easy way to even out my skin tone and hide my blemishes. I don’t feel the need to add concealer anymore with this one! Any foundation that’s not too dewy will really do for this look! 🙂

3. Brows: The Body Shop

Okay, so for the brows, I am really not good at filling it in and making it look on fleek. Huhu. But, I tried using this brow palette from The Body Shop. The colors are suitable, but it’s very hard to control in my opinion without making my brows too dark. I just tried using it because brows are really essential in any look.

4. Eyes : Forever 21 Face Palette

For the eye look, I first added the third shade from the left all over my lid and even above the crease. Since I have small eyes, it helps to go over the crease a bit so that when I open my eyes the eyeshadow shade can still be seen. To add a bit more dimension, I used the last shade and added it on the outer corners.

I used the third shade again from the left and placed it on my lower lash line.

5. Loose Powder : Nichido Pink Glow

To freshen up the face, I used a loose powder from Nichido. I noticed that this powder settles on to my skin more naturally than a pressed powder does. I also noticed recently that a lot of products from Nichido are very cheap and have good quality.

6. Highlighter : Nyx Illuminator

To add a bit of glow, I used a highlighter from Nyx. I feel like this is the perfect shade for me and it’s a bit subtle depending on the brush you use.

7. Blush : Clinique 

Recently, I’ve been enjoying using a lipstick or a lip and cheek tint as a blush. I feel like it looks a lot more natural. For this look, I saw this lippie from Clinique that I had for ages! The color also reminds me a lot of a smoked look. I applied a bit on to the apples of my cheeks and also a bit on my nose bridge. 🙂

8. Lips : Etude House Play 101 Pencil and 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color (Inked Heart)

I used two products for my lips. I applied a light red lip liner first all over my lips and overdrawn it a bit. After that, I used one of my favorite lipsticks ever. 3CE’s Inked Heart is a peach brown that is very pigmented. It’s a perfect match for the eyeshadow color, and it really helps give off that “burnt” vibe.

Those are all the products I used! What do you think? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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