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Talk Pretty To Me // July 2017

Talk Pretty to Me is a feature every 1st week of the month where we give a little life update about our plans and what we’re up to this month. So if you want to get to know us, Kimi, Beryl, and Audrey, read on!


I don’t have any recent photos huhu so here’s a throwback from my Hokkaido trip last May/June!

I started my first ever job last June so I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been able to blog as much lately. The only great thing is that I’m really enjoying it so far; and since it’s a job in the beauty industry, it’s something I’m really interested in. I’ve also been able to still keep myself in loop with makeup, skincare, and trying out new products.

To be honest, I haven’t exactly fully adjusted to the working life yet – well, it’s only been 3 weeks. I hope that I’ll get used to it soon and maybe be able to do other things outside of work and be more productive during weekends. I’m trying to keep up with my workouts as well, and also be more consistent with my blogging life. Adulting is hard — but here’s hoping I’ll enjoy every minute of it! 


I spent almost every day last month attending college entrance exam review and doing homework. Huhu. It’s super exhausting and scary because reality is starting to sink in now. I’ll be taking entrance exams soon, and the pressure to pass and do a good job is killing me! Hopefully though, I keep myself with the right mindset that hard work will yield to great results! 

Now for July, it’s already my last month of summer vacation! I have to spend it wisely, but I know I won’t really be able to since I’ll still be having my review classes. Maybe, I’ll just spend my remaining free time by watching kdramas, discovering new products, and trying them out. I know that’s being unproductive, but that’s what makes me happy and relaxed. I might not be able to do those things as much anymore once school starts, and I get more busy! 


It’s the last month of summer vacation, and the days are flying by too quickly! Summer varsity training is back in session, so I’ll probably spend this month trying to get back into shape. Aside from that, I guess I’ll have to get ready for school at some point nearing the end of this month. Life just seems so real now, and I have to get myself ready for everything to happen, but before all that, I’ll make sure to milk everything I can out of my remaining weeks which means extra unproductivity and excessive relaxation!

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