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Review // Forever 21 Face Palette Brown/Multi

Story + First Impression: I got the Face Palette from one of my friends who went abroad around a month ago. She just knew me so well, so without a doubt, she gave me a beauty related product. I immediately fell in love with it when I first saw it because 1. I have been wanting to try out more face palettes, and 2. All of the shades were so shimmery and beautiful. When I saw it was from Forever 21, I just really hoped it would also turn out well when applied on to the face since I was always skeptical about trying out Forever 21 makeup. I feel like there were always more negative reviews about their beauty products in comparison to positive ones which is why I always just stuck from their clothing selection up to their beauty tools and accessories. However, I knew I had to try it out myself to actually know whether it’s good or not. 🙂

Product Details: 

What: Forever 21 Face Palette

Net Weight: 0.43 oz. / 12g each

Where to buy: I’m not sure where to purchase this specifically, but I found something similar in the Forever 21 website

Price: The similar face palette I found retails for $6.90, so I would guess the actual face palette I own has a price range around that as well. 

Made in China

Similar Face Palette Available
Similar Face Palette Available

Packaging: The product is placed inside a carton-like box. It’s doesn’t look extravagant at all. It’s just very simple with some of the details necessary printed all over. You can also see the shades of the palette which I think is a good thing. Now for the actual packaging, the product comes in a clear plastic case where you can lift the upper part to get to the product. Sadly, there’s no mirror that comes with this palette, but it’s alright since I believe it’s a very affordable product. Everything about the packaging is very simple and minimalistic.

Texture: It has a formula very similar to that of a pressed powder. It also has a lot of shimmers into it, but no worries since it’s not chunky at all. The texture is also consistent with all four shades. In my opinion, it would be better if the highlighter was the only one filled with shimmer. The blush, bronzer, and contour shades would probably be better they were matte/satin.

Application: When I first swatched this, I was really impressed because it’s pigmented, and it doesn’t feel chalky too. I loved how it swatched so well and easily. However, swatches aren’t always the exact same when applied on the face. Since there are shimmers, it can emphasize my texture when I apply more product than usual, so it’s best to have a really light hand unless you have great skin. The pigmentation is still the same when applied on the face as it is when swatched, so it’s best to tap off your brush first so that the product isn’t too concentrated on the brush. 

Scent: I can’t describe the scent very well, but all I can say is that it has a very light and bearable “paste” scent to it. It also smells very similar to one of the Miniso Face Mists. It doesn’t smell awful, but it’s not a scent I truly love too.

Value for Money: Assuming that the face palette I own is also around $7, I would say it’s worth it. It’s a decent product from Forever 21. It comes with 4 shades already that you can use on both your face or on your eyes as eyeshadows. 🙂



1. Comes in 4 shades which can be used for the face and eyes

2. Good formula

3. Pigmented

4. Affordable


1. Can emphasize texture on the face

2. When all 4 shades are placed together, it can be a bit overwhelming

3. Need to have a very light hand when applying

Rating: 8/10 😊

Based on my first experience using a makeup product from Forever 21, I can just say that not all F21 makeup is crap. This one was a decent product and also some of their makeup tools like their makeup puffs were actually really good! I’m now willing to try out more of their makeup. 😊

By the way, I’m thinking of creating a look using this palette! What do you think? Leave a comment below! 

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