Blogger Feature // Niña Singanon

Blogger highlight is a feature in our blog where we ask different bloggers questions to get to know them better. We’re excited to feature another amazing blogger on today’s post. Let’s share the beauty blogger love! ❤️

1. What’s your name?

— Hello, my name is Niña!

2. Favorite beauty product?

— Oh my goodness, this is a VERY hard question to answer HAHA! Hmm, maybe lipstick because the perfect shade of lipstick can instantly take you from drab to fab! Now if the question was a must-have beauty product, for me that would be concealer because I have ridiculously dark undereye circles (as dark as your ex’s heart HAHAHA).

3. Favorite book/movie?

— I am a huge book lover, so I have a number of favorite books – I like Paulo Coelho’s Veronika Decides to Die, Twin of Ice/Twin of Fire by Jude Deveraux (my favorite romance novels), Kevyn Aucoin’s Face Forward. Right now, I am enjoying Tina Fey’s Bossypants.

As far as movies, my favorites are Romeo and Juliet, The Beach, Chocolat, Gone in 60 Seconds (Angelina Jolie is so HOT, and I love cars) and The Devil Wears Prada.

4. Favorite food?

— Croissants ❤

5. What’s your go-to article of clothing/outfit?

— A black top, a pair of jeans or a skirt, flats.

6. Do you have a motto or belief in life? If yes, what is it?

— “Honor thy process.” I believe that whatever it is you are going through, you have to allow yourself to go through it and feel whatever it is that you feel. So many times, we tend to ignore certain things or feelings – even feel ashamed of the situation so we tend to lie about it – and that makes life a whole lot more complicated.

Also, “live life without regrets” and “my religion is kindness”.

7. Current obsession?

— Podcasts! It is an awesome way to learn new things because you can listen to podcasts while driving or when you are doing non-cerebral tasks.

8. Trend that you’d like to try?

— Grunge and goth, but I feel that it doesn’t necessarily match my aesthetic or who I am.

9. Trend that you think should have never existed?

— The trend of people being mean on the internet. Does that count? LOL! But if you are asking about fashion or beauty trends, I don’t think have one – oh wait no, the tiger-stripe nose contour! LOL!!!

10. Why did you decide to go into blogging?

— I have a very right-brain-centric type of work, so I needed a creative outlet. Plus, I talk a lot in real life – I tend to geek out about things I love such as beauty and make up – so I thought this would be a great way to connect with fellow like-minded individuals and spare my friends my incessant babbling about things they are not necessarily interested in haha!

11. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

— Go to my parent’s room to say good morning, and check on my fur baby.

12. Attach one of your favorite pictures.

13. What’s the best part about being a beauty guru? The worst?

— The best part is that I get to to talk to people who love beauty as much as I do and help the ones who are only starting to delve into the world of beauty or are looking into a certain brand, product, trend, etc. The worst part is that it actually takes SO MUCH work to come up with content one can be proud of – well written, articulate, helpful.

14. What are your future endeavors?

— To beef up my photography and tech skills. These two are admittedly the ones I need to work on more! And to also build a bigger client base (I am a Make Up Artist as well).

15. Which other beauty gurus would you recommend?

— I highly recommend Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, Robert Jones and Pixiwoos. They are all established make up artists who happen to have Youtube channels. Locally, I would definitely suggest you go check out Project Vanity – that’s a really good, beefy, up-to-date and well managed resource for all things beauty!

16. Where can we find you? (Twt, ig, blog, yt, etc.)

— You can find me on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram as @ninasinganon, on Facebook as NinaSinganon.com or visit my blog at http://www.ninasinganon.com!


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