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Review // Peripera Inklasting Pink Cushion

What: Peripera Inklasting Pink Cushion in #2

“Soft-Focus Effect for a Flawless Look”

“Seamless Adherance for a Natural Pink Glow”

“Extra Strength Staying Power”

Shades Available: #1 Pink Ivory, #2 Pink Beige, #3 Pink Sand (lightest to darkest)

The site doesn’t offer a shade picture of 03, but here’s 01 and 02. 

Main Ingredients: Peach extract, sweet tone extract, pink flower complex

Price: I forgot how much I got this for, but online it retails for $11 or around Php 550.00. 

Amount: 14g

Where to buy: Club Clio’s first ever physical store in the Philippines just opened in Trinoma, but if that’s far from you, a few of Peripera products can also be purchased at Zalora.

Story: This was one of the products I got from Club Clio around a month ago. I mainly bought this because 1. I wanted a new cushion to try out, 2. It’s color pink, and 3. It was on 20% off which made it really affordable! I also featured this in our Beauty Haul, so if you want to see some of the other products we got, you can check out that post. 🙂

Box and Packaging

There seems to be no problem with the packaging of the cushion. It’s functional, it’s cute, and it doesn’t feel very cheap. Of course, for a cushion worth less than Php 600.00, it also doesn’t feel like luxurious and heavy, but I feel like it’s pretty good. It also comes with a full size circular mirror which is amazing since it would be easier for me to touch up my makeup anywhere or if I’m doing my makeup in the car. The puff that comes with is also separated very well from the product itself which for me is just the right thing to do to keep it more hygienic. Aside from the puff being soft on the skin, it’s also really cute with its pink and white polka dot print.

Texture: One of the claims of this cushion is to form a thin film on the skin. I actually don’t think it’s a very thin and lightweight product cause I can tell I’m wearing base makeup with this one. However, it is also not heavy. It’s a good in between of both.

 As far as I know, this cushion is suited for those with normal or combination skin type while the mint one for oily skin, and the lavender one for dry skin. This also means that the finish of the pink cushion is also in between a matte and a dewy finish. 
It works well on my normal skin type, and it gives me a pinkish glow from within. 🙂

If you’re not careful, it could look a bit cakey. It’s a bit of a fuzzy product because you really have to estimate how much you put on your skin. However, it doesn’t emphasize dry skin, pores, acne scars and has fairly good coverage.

My sister with oily skin tried this one out for a whole day. Upon applying the product on, it looks really fresh and radiant. After around two hours, she could already see her natural oils starting to come through. After around 6 hours, she feels like her natural oils kimd of lift the makeup from her face, so when wiping her face, she would see some product coming off. If you’re oily skin and you have this cushion, a good tip will be to bring some blotting sheets with you so that you could easily blot the oily parts of your face and reapply when necessary. It’s also good to have a trust powder with you. 

On my case, I feel like 3-4 hours after applying this without powder, it would still look good on my face. I would say it would start really showing and shining on my skin after around 6 hours. For me that’s a decent amount of time because I don’t usually go out for a very long time, and I wouldn’t look completely haggard even after 6 hours.

Comparison of hand applied with cushion and without

Scent: This has a very light smell of Johnsons’s Baby Lotion. Even if you’re very sensitive to smell, I don’t think it would really bother you since I had to reaaally smell the cushion to be able to identify if there’s any scent.

Value for Money: Although this cushion doesn’t come with a refill, I believe it’s still worth the buy. A lot of cushion products are twice or even thrice as expensive from this, so people who are starting out with makeup would actually be able to try out a good cushion for an affordable price. Also, the packaging, formula, and coverage are all quite impressive.



Cute and girly packaging

Good formulation and great coverage

Gives off a pinkish radiant glow

Affordable cushion


Not very lightweight

Can mix with your natural oils

Doesn’t last looking fresh for a very long time

Rating: 8/10

I would highly recommend this to anyone who has normal or combination skin type and doesn’t want so spend a lot of money on a cushion. People who wants to have a pinkish glow to them would also love this product.

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