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Review // Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil Luxe

Product Details


100% Natural

Radiate light from within with argan oil’s royal rival – Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE. Experience the rich, intensive moisture transforming your skin from dry, dull and flaky to breathtakingly supple and luxuriously soft all over your body. Feel like royalty from top to toe with the fragrance of pure rose oil.

Price: PHP 299.75

Amount: 1.7 fl. oz. / 50 mL

Where to Buy: There are multiple branches scattered in various areas, so for a comprehensive list, you can check for stores near you here. You can also buy it directly from their website.

Story: I used to struggle with severe acne, so now that my skin’s a lot calmer, I’m still left with discoloration and scars. I’ve been interested in incorporating oils in my skincare routine for a while, but my oily skin partnered with my fear of breaking out prevented me from trying it sooner. I happened to stumble upon this product on the internet, and as I read through the list of benefits, I found myself growing increasingly interested, so I decided to try it for myself.

Packaging: The bottle is placed in a bright box with images of sunflowers. The letters on it are also in a nice metallic gold which I feel all work together to provide a cheerful and natural look. The bottle itself was unexpectedly good. I expected it to come in some sort of plastic packaging, but the oil is bottled in frosted glass that feels heavy in your hands. I also love the white text and sunflower illustrations running up the side of the bottle because it makes the product look minimalistic yet charming.

The product comes with a small pump. It’s important to angle it to pump directly onto your palm because when you push it down, it sends it out in a straight burst. In a way, I do like the applicator because one pump is already perfect for my entire face, but the pump isn’t very forgiving. It really only allows one whole pump, no half pumps, because it’s not very easy to control. The cap fits well, and I find that it doesn’t leak which is so important when it comes to oils because no one wants to get all their other products oily.

Texture: Since this particular oil has been formulated with more oleic acid than linoleic acid, it cannot be considered a dry oil. In fact, it’s actually quite thick and tends to sit on top of your skin. If you don’t like that sensation, it would be better for you to use dryer oils, but if you don’t mind, you’ll find that this product’s moisturizing properties are worth the oily feel.

Scent: The product claims to have the fragrance of pure rose oil, but I find that it’s not strong enough to be noticeable at all, unless, I suppose, you slather it all over your entire body.


I use this as the last step of my skincare routine, unless I feel the need to use spot treatment that day, as it’s heavy on the skin. I find that it works well to use it last since it really seals all the other products on your face as well. There are actually multiple ways to use this because it is a beauty oil and not a moisturizer for your face. You can use it for any dry patches, whether on your face or the rest of your body, or you can rub it between your hands and run it through your hair which I’ve been fond of doing recently as well. Most of the time, I just use it as a night moisturizer.

As you can see, after the product is spread onto the skin, there’s a noticeable sheen that remains. It’s also very oily to the touch, takes all night to absorb, and if you have glasses like I do, this will cause them to slowly slide down your face. Generally, I think this will work better for people with dry and dull skin, but even if you have oily skin, this will do wonders for your skin texture. I haven’t noticed any significant lightening in my scars, but I don’t really observe that anyway. I have, however, felt that my complexion is brighter. If you have dry skin, you will most likely enjoy this.

I had my worries over this product because I found small bumps on my forehead around three days after use, but they’re gone now, even with continued usage of this oil, so I’m sure they were due to factors other than this. They didn’t break me out whatsoever, and my skincare products and makeup glide on much easier the next day. It doesn’t make your skin look oilier the next day either, which is a plus if you’re worried about looking like there’s been an oil spill on your face. 

Value for Money: This product is so useful because it’s honestly so versatile, and for the price of basically PHP 300.00, I certainly think it’s worth it. It makes your skin glow in a certain way, and it definitely moisturizes well. It’s not sensitizing or irritating to the skin, and it works so well on areas other than your face. For hair and skin alike, this will be too heavy for the morning, but if you use it at night, the areas you’ve applied it to will feel much softer.

Verdict: All in all, this is a great multipurpose product that offers decent packaging and rather impressive effects for a relatively low price. It will suit some skin types more than others, and I wouldn’t recommend it for people with acne-prone skin, but it delivers well on its intended purpose.

Rating: 8/10

4 thoughts on “Review // Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil Luxe

    1. Hi! It mainly helps with moisturizing your skin and improving skin texture. As I stated in the review, I did observe some brightening effects as well, but not to an extent where I’d call this my holy grail. :>


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