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Review // Canmake Cream Highlighter 

Product Details:

What: Canmake Cream Highlighter #01 

“Skin seems illuminated with a natural light from within Highlighter of cream type”

Shades Available: 

“[01] Luminous beige ☆

A beige that blends in well with the skin, for a natural-looking luster. Contains gold and red pearl, so you don’t need to worry about it looking powdery!”

“[02] Luminous aqua ☆

A sky blue that’s both translucent and lustrous. Contains blue pearl for a bright, sheer sheen!”

Price: 600 yen or approximately Php 270.00

Amount: 2g

Where to buy: Canmake is available at selected Watsons stores, in Landmark, SM Makati Department Stores, and in PCX Personal Care Exchange. You can also purchase online at

Story: This summer, one of my friends showered me with pasalubongs from her trip to Japan! She always raved about Canmake products especially their cream blushes, but she knew I would like a cream highlighter better, so she decided to get me one. 💕

Packaging: When I first saw this, I was thinking about how cute and tiny it was! It has a very fun and colorful plastic packaging that really fits the kawaii aesthetic I guess. After ripping off the plastic, you would see a clear compact square case with a bow on top and the logo printed at the bottom part. It’s still very lovely! It’s a pretty good packaging that helps maximixe the product itself. It’s also very travel-friendly so I would give this one a two thumbs up for the packaging. 👍👍

Texture: Since it’s a cream highlighter, it obviously has a creamy texture. The thing I like about this one specifically is that it’s cream but it’s not hard to get and distrubute the product to your face. It’s very smooth and light. It’s not sticky at all even if it’s a cream which is great. Overall, I would say that the claims about this highlighter’s texture is pretty accurate. 

“Contains Light-touch Oil for ultra-smooth application, creating a fabulous finish without disturbing even powder foundations.”

Application: Again, it’s very easy to apply on to the face because of the silky-smooth creamy formula. It also has a very natural glow that looks as if it’s from within. If your the type of person who’s into natural looking glowy highlighters, then this one’s a great product to use.

It lasts for about 4-5 hours which is a pretty average amount of time, but if you touch your face, you would sometimes see some glitters on your hands. 

For the glitters in this highlighter, don’t worry since they are not chunky at all!

Value for Money: I believe that in the Philippines, Canmake is much more expensive. Their famous cream cheeks are sold for Php 490.00 while the cream highlighter is sold for Php. 560.00. Products are sold for almost double the price here in the Philippines, so I suggest that if you’re going to Japan or someone you know is going, it’s better to just buy there. It’s definitely worth it. However, since this product is really small, I don’t think you’re getting much worth out of your money IF you buy in the Philippines! 



Product claims are accurate and is evident in the highlighter.

Very affordable if bought in Japan.

Gives off a natural glow with it’s satin-smooth creamy texture.

Lasts for a pretty long time.

Cute packaging and travel-friendly.


Does not have a “wow” factor to it.

Not as pigmented as western highlights.

Rating: 9/10 


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