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Monthly Faves // May 2017

Hello, Pretties!Monthly Favorites is a monthly feature on our blog where we share the things we’ve been loving this month! This post is divided into four categories: Beauty, Fashion, Kdrama, and songs.


1. Beauty 

Etude House Love You More Body Wash

What I really love about this body wash is the scent! It has a very fruity floral scent which is also really unique in a way. It always makes me feel fresh and good after taking a bath! Btw, fun fact, we saw that Etude House was having like a buy 1 take 1 promo with this body was so we simply entered with the intention of purchasing just around 2-3, but there was this staff who told us that if we purchase anything at 500 php at least we could get a free Wonder Woman ticket. Lol so we ended up buying a looot, so we (my whole family and I) could all watch. 😂

Colourpop Echo Park

This is actually the first ever liquid lipstick I’ve owned in my life. Since then, I knew I really liked this, but I just happened to use more of my new lipsticks and forget about this. Recently though, I noticed that whenever I wore this specifically, I get compliments from at least one person that the lipstick shade I’m wearing really suits me or that they love my makeup look. I guess because of that, I have come to love and appreciate this lippie even more.

I made a post a while back featuring this product, so you can check that post if you wanna see swatches. 🙂

2. Fashion

Sadly, I only have one fashion fave this month. I guess I haven’t been shopping a lot of fashion items lately. 😦 But this month, I have been loving these Fitflop sandals. Not only are they super comfortable, it’s also very stylish! It goes so well with anything I wear. It’s also great for lazy people like me. Haha. I don’t have to tie shoelaces or wear foot socks with this.

3. Kdrama

 Chicago Typewriter

This is one of the kdramas that I didn’t expect to like. I’m usually more fond of the light comedy romance story lines, but since there were so many recommendations from my friends and family to watch this, I decided to give it a try. I honestly wasn’t immediately hooked with this, but as I continue to watch it, it gets better and better. Also, Yoo Ah In ( Han Se Ju in this drama) is so cute asdfghjkl. He’s my ultimate oppa of the month!


4. Songs

There are quite a lot of songs I liked this month!

Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen

Whistle by Blackpink

There For You by Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan

Not Today by BTS

The Other by Lauv


1. Beauty

PeriPera Ink Velvet #7 Dollish Beige Rose

We’ve been raving about this lipstick all month, but I think out of the 3 of us, I’m the one who loves this the most! I’ve gotten compliments every single time I use this lipstick so it’s just been great for me so far. Doesn’t it suit me a lot? 😉

You can read Beryl’s review on this here.


2. Fashion

Adidas Red Gazelle

Image result for adidas red gazelle

I bought these shoes about 2 months ago since I’ve always wanted a pair of Adidas Gazelle. I’ve only been using it more often recently, because I have this thing of not wanting to use something if it’s new. LOL. I really love this pair because of the vibrant red color and how comfortable it is on my feet. I usually pair this with denim.


3. Kdrama


Fight for My Way

I love best friend to lovers and underdog stories more than anything, so I’ve actually been looking forward to this show for a long time and knew that I’d love it even after hearing just the premise. Both the main leads have great chemistry and it’s amazing how much they bring life to their respective roles. This show didn’t feel as light as I expected it to be, and I’ve felt so many things while watching it – sadness, anger, giddiness, surprise, and more! Even though there are only 6 episodes released so far, I have a good feeling that this is going to just get better and will surely be in my all time faves list soon!

4. Songs

Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen

I’ve heard a lot about the boy group Seventeen and know them as a self-producing idol group (and that they have a lot of members), but I’ve never listened to any of their music before this one. This actually showed up in my recommendations on Youtube, and after listening to this song, I just… slipped into the diamond life.

365 Fresh by Triple H

Apparently, this song got a lot of criticism because of its explicit music video and content. My friend actually sent this to me because she wanted to know what I’d think of it. I actually LOVED it. I loved the video because of its unique style and cinematography and found it very artistic, and not the usual MVs you see from other kpop artists.



1. Beauty

Sunflower Oil

I’ve recently started incorporating sunflower oil in my skin and haircare routine, and I’ve been loving it so far. Everyday, I wake up feeling like my skin’s been conditioned, and my hair is a lot more manageable as well. A review will probably be up soon in the future, so look forward to that! 🙂

2. Fashion

Alex & Ani February Birthstone Bracelet

Although I was born in January, I find the February birthstone absolutely charming. I love the simplistic style of this bracelet because it really allows the stone to stand out. It’s a subtle, everyday piece that compliments any outfit and adds a little something extra to your look. It’s also quite dainty, so it appears almost princess-like on your wrists.

3. Kdrama


I was never all that big on thriller/action kdramas, but I was really intrigued by Voice’s trailer, so I decided to watch it. Long story short, I ended up hooked. Every episode leaves your heart racing, its cinematography is amazing, and the actors, even those who aren’t part of the main cast, portray their respective roles so convincingly. I highly recommend this drama, even to those who aren’t into this genre because it’s truly fascinating and worth your while.

4. Songs

Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen

What can I say other than this song is an absolute masterpiece. Even the choreography is beautiful, simple, clean, and synchronised. Hats off to Seventeen for another great song!

There For You by Troye Sivan ft. Martin Garrix

It’s been a while since I listened to music in English, but this has a rather addictive sound, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.




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