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Beauty Haul // Hokkaido Trip Finds

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Beauty Haul is a feature on our blog where we will share any pretty items we have gotten recently, like a show-and-tell. This may range from skincare items to make-up to clothes to basically anything we want to show you guys. This may be weekly, monthly, or whenever we feel like going on a splurge (which of course, is pretty much all the time).



I recently went on a trip to Hokkaido, Japan with relatives on what I would describe as probably the most chill trip I’ve been to. Our trip itinerary was mostly focused on sight seeing, food trips, and basically photoshoots. Despite not having any shopping streets or malls included in our itinerary, I was able to squeeze in a bit of shopping during our first day.

I’ll be posting my travel diary *soon* but here’s a little teaser of my trip with my Hokkaido beauty haul.

1. Pure Smile face masks


I got a LOT of these, but only showed 10 pieces on this picture to show the different variants. It has pearl, milk, peach, gold, and more. I have never tried this brand but they were super cheap, only about 100 yen each mask – that’s about 45 pesos when converted – so I decided to get a lot since I really needed to replenish my face masks at home. I’ve always wanted to try this Japanese face mask brand since I see it a lot in several stores every single time I go to Japan, so I thought why not now. 😀
2. Shiseido White Lucent Luminizing Infuser

Buying Shiseido is one of my priorities every time I go to Japan, because it’s a lot cheaper to get it there. For this trip, I was initially looking for their Ibuki line since it’s the current night moisturizer that I use and it’s almost all gone (my sister discovered how good it is and ever since then she has been not-so-secretly using it too). However, the lady in the department store told me that they only sell the Ibuki line products online (which is pretty much a shame because I had planned to purchase about 5 of them to make sure I always have a reserve) so I had to look at their current offerings and decide on something new to try. I really trust Shiseido’s products so it wasn’t difficult for me to find something I wanted.

Shiseido’s White Lucent line contains Japanese cherry blossoms as one of its ingredients and promises a glowing, bright, and luminous complexion. I also love the pink packaging – I’m a sucker for anything pink! With that, I decided to go with this product and see if I’ll love it even more than Ibuki. I only got 2 pieces of this item, because it’s my first time using this particular product, but at the same time I already know I can trust the brand so buying another bottle would make sense, when the first one is emptied. If I decide that I still like the Ibuki line better, I’d probably switch back for sure. Only time can tell.
3. K Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow Liquid

K Palette is my favorite go-to eye makeup brand, and this is the nth time I’ve repurchased this particular item. I’ve tried a lot of eyebrow pencils already but nothing beats the functionality and the ease of using this product. For some reason these were Disney themed, so I decided to get the Little Mermaid one because she’s my favorite Disney princess and fittingly it’s in my shade.


4. Hair tie and ballpen

I also bought a Sleeping Beauty two tip ballpen because I really needed one but wanted it to be cute at the same time. Sleeping Beauty is my second favorite Disney princess and I got her because the Little Mermaid ones ran out. I also got some hair ties, which I’ll probably give to someone else since I just realized I kinda don’t need them.
I wish I had bought more stuff but since we didn’t really have the opportunity to go shopping, I’m glad I was able to still bring some things home – which is honestly a very indulging feeling. It just makes me feel so good to lay down the brand new things I got from a trip and just look at them and sigh and be happy and start using them. Heehee. 🙂 On another note, I really do have to start saving money and I will try to be more economical and buy only the things I need, and in moderation. We’ll see if this resolution lasts though. LOL. 😀
So that’s my haul for this trip. My travel diary will be up next time since I need to sort through about 10000 photos and list down all the name of the places and I just can’t deal with that right now. But I’ll definitely have it up SOON. 😉
Til next time! ❤



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