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Delicious Days // Seoul Train and Ikigai Kakigori

If you’re into Korean food, I’m sure you’ve heard of Seoul Train by now. The restaurant has a bit of a name for itself due to its interesting concept and decidedly cute interiors. It’s quite easy to overlook the restaurant, it being rather small and sandwiched between a wall and some other store. I must say though, Seoul Train definitely knows how to make use of its space and rock a good aesthetic. 

Before we begin with anything, let me just apologize for this bad photo of the restaurant’s exterior because the car was conveniently parked in front of the train-like structure, and it was still there when we went out. 😂 

I have to say I was really impressed by the overall aesthetic of the place. I find it rather creative, and they really stuck by their concept with a surprising attentiveness to detail. I noticed there were even faint train sounds while I was walking through the corridors, and the concert posters seen in the upper left side of this photo are quite updated as well. My friends said that when they last visited, the concert poster for BTS was still their Epilogue in Manila concert, but when we went this time, they’d already changed it to the Wings Tour in Manila poster.

The restaurant’s interiors have a set aesthetic to them. There are also TVs mounted on one side, mostly playing various KPop music videos ranging from Big Bang to Twice to BTS.

Seoul Train requires you to have at least two orders of meat, I believe. Honestly, Seoul Train is a rather expensive place, with their most expensive option being Wagyu, sold for PHP 6280. They have cheaper options in the meat portion of the menu though that you can get for PHP 330 and up. I was worried for a moment that the meat would be tough, but I found that it was surprisingly soft and flavorful, even without any additional sauce. They also offer refillable side dishes, although that’s quite common in most Korean restaurants. I find that the service is really nice though, and someone even cooks for you, so if you tend to burn your meat, this will be great! 

Cheesy Tteok-bokki

Before you starts wondering how I ate all this, I actually came here with two of my friends. 😂 The presentation isn’t incredibly fancy, but it’s neat and simple enough to be enticing. I could barely snap photos because I was just way too excited to eat, honestly. The food was certainly good; I especially like the Cheesy Tteok-bokki, which is not its actual name, but I’m the worst blogger ever, so I forgot to take note. Even so, I have to say that nothing in this restaurant is all that cheap. It’s not back-breakingly expensive, but if I ate here all the time, my wallet would be crying. 

Seoul Train has a cute collection of wall murals as well. When I first saw the painted wall with the neon sign next to the restroom, my initial thought was that it would be great to take photos with. Unfortunately, the lighting’s quite bad, and getting a good shot is practically impossible and also rather awkward because you are next to the restroom.

They have a bunch of magazines near the entrance that I’m sure are just there to complete the aesthetic but are also available to read for free.

Let’s also take a moment to coo over the adorable little caricatures of various KPop artists decorating the entire restaurant. It’s certainly a good feeling to find your favorite group featured on one of their walls or windows

After leaving Seoul Train, I had the sudden urge to eat  nice cold dessert. The weather that day was nearing 40 degrees, and anyone sane would be indoors eating ice cream. In our desperation, my friends and I ended up at a quaint little restaurant called Ikigai Kakigori which is only a walking distance away from Seoul Train. The heat was hellish, but the dessert was so worth it.

This little brick restaurant is located across Il Terrazzo, quite hidden from view. 

It’s a really small, homey place with a modest selection of desserts and minimal decor.

The place just gives off a really soothing vibe. If you want to hang out with a small group of friends and just talk, this is definitely the place. They don’t tend to be all that cramped since there isn’t always a lot of people, but I’ve noticed that the number of customers has exponentially increased since summer started.

Mango Okinawa

I typically go for their Mango Okinawa, and I find that no matter what other dessert I try from the menu, I still like that best. Every aspect of this is absolute perfection from the cold shaved ice to the sweet mangoes to the scoop of ice cream on top. It’s amazing and a definite must-try.

Ichigo Choco

I think that these are basically just bingsu, but hey, they’re really good bingsu. I’m not too fond of their Kuromitsu, but my friends seems to like it, so I guess it might be good according to your personal taste. I think it’s good to treat yourself with these every once in a while. They also offer other stuff like Tiramisu cakes, yogurt, and so much more. 


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