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Talk Pretty to Me // June 2017

Talk Pretty to Me is a feature every 1st week of the month where we give a little life update about our plans and what we’re up to this month. So if you want to get to know us, Kimi, Beryl, and Audrey, read on! 🙂


I only had one dominating feeling last May, and it’s: POST CONCERT DEPRESSION. 😭😩 I mentioned last month that I was going to a BTS concert with Audrey, and ohmygosh IT WAS THE GREATEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! I’ve been having a hard time focusing on anything else, and they’re all I’ve been talking about all month! My friends and family are starting to get annoyed because I just won’t shut up about them. 😂 Let’s be real — I don’t think I’ll ever get over this hangover until BTS comes back for another concert. But you know what, even though I have PCD, I still feel so happy, like I’m on cloud nine all day. I guess that’s the effect of falling in love (with 7 boys, so it feels 7 times more giddy). Hihi ☺️

Apart from this kpop boy group madness, I’ve finally accepted a job offer! 🙌 YAY! I’m going to start working this mid June, but before that, I’ll be going on a trip to Hokkaido with family as probably my last hurrah before officially adulting with my first ever job! My goals for June are super simple: I just want to be happy with my first job and for everything to go smoothly. I also want to still find time for all my extra personal work (workouts, blog, online shop, online job) despite having a full time job. Fingers crossed that I’ll survive and pull it off! 🤞
What are you up to this month? Let us know below! 🙂


I know I had some big plans in last month’s Talk Pretty To Me post, but I actually ended up not being able to fulfill any of my plans. 😭 Even though it’s already my “summer” vacation, I have just been bumming around and watching Kdramas! I have been so unproductive, but at least I was able to relax. Maybe next month, I can focus on the productive part. 😂 

So, for this month, I’ll be having a college entrance exam review so that I could hopefully pass all my college entrance exams in the near future. But aside from that, I plan to now focus on the online shop I wanted to do. I don’t want to get my hopes up yet cause the planning part is really the hardest. If I’m not able to do that this month, I want to focus more on this blog since I have plenty of time. I want to make more blog posts with more effort into them as well! 🙂 All in all, I just still want a relaxing month while doing the things I like. 🙂


Life this month of May has been absolutely amazing. There is something about the feeling of letting yourself spiral into a pit of beauty videos and kdramas that is absolutely fulfilling. I feel like after selling my soul to school, I’ve finally managed to recover pieces of it by binging episodes of tv series and drowning myself in BTS updates. Life’s been good, but now that I’ve gotten my soul back, I think it’s time to start being productive again. 😂 I have been working out from time to time, so at least that’s not a complete failure. I’m also going to continue reading 1Q84 and finish this one kdrama that I’m really loving right now. Aside from that, I guess I’m just going to continue focusing on blogging and polishing my skincare routine. ❤️


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