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Review // PeriPera Ink Velvet #7 Dollish Beige Rose

Product Details:

What: Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet in #7 Dollish Beige Rose

“Dive into the long-wearing lip color with INK_LASTING. It’s lacquer-like finish without feeling tacky or drying, creamy velvet texture.”

Amount: 6.0 g

Where to Buy: Club Clio’s first ever physical store in the Philippines just opened in Trinoma, but if that’s far from you, you can also get it at Zalora. 🙂

Price: It’s original price is PHP 450.00, but I was able to get it at 20% off for PHP 360.00.

Story: I have really been eyeing on the Peripera Ink Velvets for so long, and it’s a good thing I can finally purchase this in Club Clio! I swatched almost all the Ink Velvet shades in the store, and I found that this was the one I liked the most. I honestly couldn’t focus properly because I was so excited to finally be able to try these lippies. I just had to grab one immediately!

Packaging: Definitely one of the most unique packaging out there! Peripera is well known for the dropper like packaging of its products, but they never fail to always make sure that it’s still colorful, cute, and trendy. I love this packaging.


image1 (3)

Texture: This product claims to be long-wearing without being tacky or drying while having a creamy velvet texture which I completely agree with. It’s very smooth on the lips and very moisturizing. It’s pretty long wearing since I first applied this at around 12:30 pm, and it’s pretty much still there the whole day. The thing is though, the main rosy pink color doesn’t last that long. After around 2 hours, it starts to become more fuchsia, and after eating, I feel like the upper layers get stripped away leaving a fuchsia stain. It’s good that it leaves a stain on the lips, but I just don’t like the way fuchsia looks on my lips. This really varies based on personal preference.

image1 (1)
Lip swatch under natural lighting
image2 (1)
Lip swatch indoors

image2 (2)

Application: I feel like the doe foot applicator that comes with this one is pretty much perfect for this type of product. It helps evenly apply the lip color on the lips, and I can kind of control how much product comes out. Also, if you have a prominent cupid’s bow, I think the applicator would still be okay since you can point it to your lips. Just one dip into the product is enough for my whole lips, but maybe if you have bigger lips, you would need two dips. The only problem I saw with this one was that it can leave marks on your teeth when it’s not yet dry. I guess you have to blot it first so that you won’t be so irritated with it staining your teeth.

Value for Money: For its original price of PHP 450.00, it’s a bit more expensive than other Korean lip tints out there, but this one feels more like a liquid lipstick, so I think it’s worth it. I’m sure you can use this as an everyday lippie, and it would still last a long time. 🙂



Does not emphasize the lines of your lips.

Amazing moisturizing formula with a velvet finish.

Cute and trendy packaging.

Pretty affordable.

Comes in a lot of different shades.



Stains the lips in a bright pink shade.

Can leave marks in your teeth after first application.

Arm swatches and promotional pics look different from actual lip swatch.

Rating: 8/10
Have you tried any of Peripera’s Ink Velvets? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!:)

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