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Beauty Haul // Peripera and Goodal

Beauty Haul is a feature on our blog where we will share any pretty items we have gotten recently, like a show-and-tell. This may range from skincare items to make-up to clothes to basically anything we want to show you guys. This may be weekly, monthly, or whenever we feel like going on a splurge (which of course, is pretty much all the time).

When we found out that Club Clio just opened its first ever branch at Trinoma, we were all full of excitement! We have really been wanting some products under this brand, and finally we’re able to purchase them in a physical store. Upon entering the shop, we felt like we’re in beauty heaven. 😂 (Sidenote: It was also awesome how they kept playing BTS songs! Looks like there’s an ARMY inside the store. LOL)

Just a little background: “Club Clio is a South Korean beauty company with three sub-brands namely Clio, Peripera, and Goodal. Aside from being an award-winning cosmetics company in South Korea, Club Clio is where innovators and trend setters look for the latest in cosmetics. They also specialize in products that can be used by makeup newbies and professionals alike.”

Let’s now hop in to the fun part, starting off with the goodies we got from Goodal.

1. Goodal Anti-aging Double Toner

Pink anti-aging for younger skin every day. Effective anti-aging from the first step.

2. Goodal Green Tangerine Moist Mini Skin Care Kit (Cream, Moist Emulsion, Toner)

Feel the moisturizing power of green tangerines fully charged with green vitamins. Bursting moisture molecules leave skin hydrated without any tightness

This was actually the freebie we got from the things we bought!


3. Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur

The new Peripera Blur Pang Milk Blur Primer Collection includes 3 sweetly formulated textures for that airbrushed finish, like as if all your flaws were blurred away.

Peach Milk Blur: SPF Protection and the complexion boosting tone correcting benefits of a CC cream

4. Peripera Pink Ink Cushion

– Pink light filer to enhance for silky and lovely skin look. 
– Light pink beige tone up to give bright and grease free skin look.
– Own technology to form thin shield on skin for higher lasting.

5. Peripera Ink Velvet in Dollish Beige

A matte lip stain that doesn’t dry out your lips, Peri’s Ink Velvet applies with an ultra-soft texture and a creamy finish. All-natural ingredients keep the lips feeling soft on the outside and moisturized on the inside. Each gorgeous shade maintains its vivid color even after 6 hours of wear. 


We just can’t wait to use these products! Be sure to check out Club Clio now open at Trinoma! 🙂



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