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Review + Swatch // 3 Concept Eyes Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color #116 INKED HEART

Product Details:

What: 3 Concept Eyes Mood Reciple Matte Lip Color in #116 INKED HEART

Where to Buy: 3CE is currently not sold at any physical stores here in the Philippines. However, you can purchase it online at SephoraBeautyMNL, and Althea PH. The problem here is that the products sold are very limited, so you might not find the one you’re really looking for.

Shades Available:

credits: Style Nanda
credits: Style Nanda

Story: I am not exaggerating when I say that if I should marry a lipstick, I would marry this one. I watched so many videos on Youtube about the 3CE Mood Recipe collection, and I’m just deeply in love with all the shades. I also wanted to try out 3CE products cause I always saw how beautiful and pigmented their stuff are! I badly wanted to buy all, but sadly it’s not available in the Philippines, unless I purchase online, and online prices were so expensive! I was just so lucky that one of my friends went to Korea last Holy Week, and she got me one! Words can’t explain how happy I was to actually have it physically! 😭 *tears of joy*

Packaging: Okay, so starting off with the box, I believe it varies based on the shade of the lipstick. It’s just a regular matte carton box with prints of the logo, details in Korean, and shade number and name. So moving on to the actual packaging, the color is also based on the shade but the plastic material packaging of the lipstick itself and the box’s color is not exactly the same. I really really like the packaging of this one, it looks so unique to me. I could easily tell just from the packaging that this is a lipstick from 3CE. I’m just so happy with the packaging, and I have nothing bad to say about this!

Texture: This is definitely a matte lipstick, so it’s quite drying on the lips. But, if I would compare to other western matte lipsticks, this is a lot less drying.

Application: What I love about the application is that you can build up the color depending on how you want it. It’s not automatically 100% pigment on first swipe. I also have really dry and chapped lips, and to be honest it sinks a bit to the lines of my lips, but I don’t think it dries my lips even more or maybe I just don’t feel it anymore. It’s a necessity for me though to always wear lip balm underneath any lipstick so that at least I have a layer of protection for my lips.

Scent: There’s this like minty ginger scent in this. At first I didn’t like it because I despise anything ginger, but as I got to use it more, I realized that it’s actually not that bad, and it’s a scent you get used to.

#116 INKED HEART- Out of all the five shades, I chose this one cause I feel like it has the most unique color out of all. It’s like a nude that is brown and orange at the same time. I’ve honestly never seen a shade exactly like this. However, I also really liked Smoked Rose. On pictures and swatches, it really looks like a smoked rose. 😂

Value for Money: This was sold at Korea’s duty free for only 13 US dollars, but on both Style Nanda’s website and other Korean websites, it was being sold for around 21-24 US dollars. There’s definitely a lot of cheaper lipsticks out there, but I have completely no regrets. The hype when I got this product and when I actually used it did not die down. It was the same when I was just watching videos and when I knew it was bought for me. I am just too happy.

Verdict: This has automatically become my favorite lipstick of all time. Despite it beimg a matte lipstick, the shade is just really my type. No words could describe how much I love this. I never even thought it was possible to be in love with a lipstick, but this one just changed my life. I highly recommend you to try this one out. The Mood Recipe shades are all very versatile and wearable, so you’ll surely find a shade you like. I promise that you won’t regret this!

Rating: 9/10

7 thoughts on “Review + Swatch // 3 Concept Eyes Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color #116 INKED HEART

  1. I have to say I love 3CE model so much! They are so beautiful! I think 3CE is on the expansive side for me but I heard so many great comments about them. Nice review! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Maggie! That’s true. I also really like their models! For a Korean brand, I feel like it’s quite expensive, but if you get it at duty free, it’s much more affordable. just a tip 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve come to know about 3CE’s Mood Recipe line via Toni Sia. I was supposed to get the same shade, Inked Heart but it’s already out of stock in my favorite local Korean online store so I decided to get #114. It’s the perfect coral nude-ish shade which I really love! One thing I like about this particular lipstick is that it gets pretty moisturizing after several minutes of application. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh, I also saw a lot of promotional pics for the shade #114 and I really liked it too. It looks like the perfect MLBB shade! I actually want to have the whole mood recipe collection. 😭


      1. Ohh ya at first I was actually eyeing on the Lily Maymac collection, but it’s pricey and I heard it’s not available anymore! 😦


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