LBB Travel Diaries // Summer Getaway + Tips

Hello, Pretties!

LBB Travel Diaries is where we tell stories about our trips and vacations. We also share our itineraries and tips of where to go, what to do, what to eat, and more!

I mentioned in my Talk Pretty To Me post last month (April) that I plan to go to more beaches this summer. So after days of planning, coordinating, and convincing my friends who normally hate the sun, I finally got to go out of town and have some fun! (LOL I really didn’t mean for that to rhyme!) The resort we went to was Whiterock Beach Hotel + Waterpark in Subic. You can check them out here at their official website! I won’t be going into too much detail about the resort, since we just had a daytrip so I don’t think I’d be too credible to make a judgment. They do have a lot of pools, slides, a wavepool, and the beach, and we did have a great time!

Instead, I’ll just be sharing lots of pictures from my summer getaway, and at the same time give some tips to make your trip unforgettable! 😉

1. Squad OOTDs

A night before our scheduled trip, I sent my OOTD to our groupchat to show the other girls. I was pleasantly surprised when most of them showed up wearing similar clothes as mine. With that, we were able to do our squad ootds! Pretty cool huh?

Tip: Go for bright colors and summery patterns like florals for a cute look! If that’s not really your thing, remember you can’t go wrong with white and denim! They also look great on the beach. Off shoulders, tank tops, skirts and shorts are best for your summer look. 

2. Time for a photoshoot

Going to the beach means endless IG photo opportunities! My fellow IG obsessed friends and I spent some time taking pictures before going swimming. Here are some of the photos we took for some IG beach inspiration!

Thanks to my friends for the awesome pictures!!! 😀

Tip: Take photos at around 3pm for the best lighting. If you want to do silhouettes, make sure to research what time the sun sets so you can plan ahead. Research poses on the Internet or on Instagram, but never push yourself to pose in a way that you don’t feel comfortable in.

3. The right swimwear for you

Choose the right swimwear for a more comfortable and fun beach experience. I’m not that comfortable wearing very revealing swimwear like bikinis and the like, so I settled with a 2 piece swimsuit with a skirt bottom. My friends on the other hand showed up in different kinds of swimwear, with one wearing a rushguard and the other wearing a one piece. It’s all up to you which type of swimwear you feel the most comfortable swimming in.

Tip: Bring extra swimwear just in case. You might suddenly feel bloated or uncomfortable that day, so it’s great to have choices.

4. Be prepared!

You’re out in the blazing sun so you should come prepared! Bring lots of sunblock to protect your skin, water to keep yourself hydrated, and shades, caps, or hats to protect your face.

Tip: Sunblock goes a long way. But if your skin still feels damaged after a day at the beach, you can use a face mask at night to help your skin go back to its former glory (but do make sure to use a face mask that’s good for sunburnt skin!). Aloe vera is also a great remedy for sunburn; I can definitely attest to that since that’s all that I’ve been using when I went on a Taiwan tour 2 years ago, and got super sunburnt. It works like a charm.

Have a great summer, everyone! If you haven’t gone anywhere yet, maybe it’s time for one last hurrah before the season ends! 😉


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