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Monthly Favorites // April 2017

Hello, Pretties!Monthly Favorites is a monthly feature on our blog where we share the things we’ve been loving this month! This post is divided into four categories: Beauty, Fashion, Kdrama, and songs.


  1. Beauty

Miniso Palette (P99)

I have talked about this palette countless times, but it’s really just because it’s amazing. The color pigmentation and formula especially is great for just 99 pesos. This is definitely a must try. 

3CE Mood Recipe #Inked Heart

I was looking for a shade like this for so so long, so when I actually got to try this out last month, I was so happy. Haha. It’s a really nice shade, the formulation, the packaging, and everything about this is great. I’ll make a more in depth review about this soon!:)

2. Fashion

Miniso Silver Necklace

What I love about this necklace is that it goes well with almost every outfit I wear. It brings a little life to boring outfits, and it helps me achieve a classier look. I also got this from Miniso, so the price is also very affordable!

3. Kdrama

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This drama was recommended by a lot of my friends last month, so I decided to give it a try. I definitely did not regret it! I love how funny the plot is, and I also really like Bong Bong and Min Min! Hehe such a cute couple.

Lovely Love Lie

I actually just finished this this month, but I have already been loving it since last month. I think it’s mainly because of the OST. Every single song is so nice, and Chan Young here is just so handsome!!

4. Songs

Spring Day by BTS

My sister and my mom are such fans of BTS which is why I’ve been hearing a lot of Kpop recently, but I actually didn’t know this song was from BTS until I searched it up on Youtube. I saw the music video for the first time, and actually listened to the song and just loved it. It sounds so unique, but it’s a song that’s alao really catchy.

Like You

Like You Lots by LANY

I always love songs by LANY, and it’s always just changing from time to time. So, last month, I’ve been listening to Like You Lots, and yet again it didn’t fail me.


  1. Beauty

The Faceshop Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum + Emulsion: These work like magic, I swear. These keep my face moisturized the whole morning and night, and I feel the effects working on my skin each day I use these.


2. Fashion

I’m loving chokers and caps this month! The choker on the first picture was bought in Claire’s, while the cap I’m wearing is official Harry Potter merchandise bought from Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

3. Kdrama

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Ahh, I just love stories about female empowerment! I also can’t get enough of our Minmin and Bongbong couple! They are so cute and make me feel so giddy ❤


Chicago Typewriter: This show is super eccentric with writers, ghosts, and reincarnations. I just love the tone of the story and how each episode keeps me so excited and at the edge of my seat.

4. Songs

I’m Okay – Red Velvet’s Joy: Ok, so I’m actually obsessed with the whole soundtrack of this show. But this song in particular, it just makes me feel so good and lightens up my mood every single time I listen to it!

MAMA – BTS J-Hope: I’m a huge BTS fan, so I love ALL their songs. But this month, I’ve been quite obsessed with J-Hope’s solo song because it’s just super feel good and so much fun to jam to!


1. Beauty

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar: I recently got myself my own lip bar, and I’ve been loving it! It’s hydrating, fairly pigmented, and incredibly flattering. Definitely enjoying using this! ❤️

2. Fashion

I happened to spot this shirt that says “Audrey, Fame & Grace” in sparkly, silver lettering, and I was sold. Since my lifestyle hasn’t been very glam recently, and I really only go out of the house to eat and finish up group projects, I’ve been leaning towards a very casual—almost lazy—style. I feel as though this shirt is the perfect balance of comfortable and fun because advertising my name on the front of my shirt is about as shameless as I can get. It’s also a joy to pair because I could wear pajama bottoms, and it would still match.

3. Kdrama

I haven’t had the time to watch K-dramas this month, so I really can’t add anything to this category. :((

4. Songs

Wine by Suran: I’ve been a fan of BTS for around two years now, so I was really excited to find that Suga was producing for a different artist. I’ve also been into chill songs recently, so this song fit right in.

Palette by IU feat G Dragon: I’ve never listened to IU before, but this popped up in my recommended, and I decided to watch it. Once again, it’s another chill song, but I think GD’s rap really added to the song, and IU’s voice is really special. The music video is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing, so I was hooked real quick.

MAMA by BTS J-Hope: Kimi already added this, but it really is a great song! I know this was released before April, but I haven’t stopped loving this song, so I think it is but appropriate to add it here as well. Seriously, check it out! Above, Kimi placed the lyric video, but the short film for it is also beautiful!




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