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Beauty Haul #4 // Miniso and Nature Republic

Beauty Haul is a feature on our blog where we will share any pretty items we have gotten recently, like a show-and-tell. This may range from skincare items to make-up to clothes to basically anything we want to show you guys. This may be weekly, monthly, or whenever we feel like going on a splurge (which of course, is pretty much all the time). 

Okay, to he honest, I didn’t buy anything exciting from Miniso this time. 😂 I mainly went there for necessities, and I certainly stocked up on them!

1. Cotton Pads (PHP 99.00)

Fairly, self-explanatory; I bought this just because one side was pink, and I thought it was cute. It’s really useful since it comes with a container though.

2. More Cotton Pads (PHP 99.00)

They’re a necessity. No, but seriously, I swear we’re getting to the fun part soon 😂

3. Facial Makeup Removing Wipes (PHP 99.00)

See how many amazing things you can get for PHP 99.00? I love Miniso! You just keep on placing things into your cart thinking they’re really cheap then when they add up the total, you realize you’re broke.

4. Makeup Sponges [4 pcs.] (PHP 99.00)

I’ve been meaning to buy makeup sponges for a while, but I didn’t wanna invest in them because I rarely use them anyway. That’s why I chose to just pick up some cheap ones from Miniso.

5. This huge bear plushie (PHP 749.00)

Look at this beautiful creature! My sister and I found him while walking around Miniso, and I wasn’t gonna buy him at first, I was content simply hugging him and appreciating his perfectly soft stuffing, but when I approached a lady to ask about him, I was told that he only appears during the opening of a store branch. There were only two left out of the initial seven, and this was the only unstained one, so it was a rather easy decision from then on. Also, please excuse the messy blanket in the background, it’s the life of a blogger.

I’ve never really tried anything from Nature Republic, but I was enticed by the huge Baekhyun cut-out. I initially went in just to send a picture to my friend who’s a fan, but I happened to notice their incredible deal on face masks, and you know what happens next.

1. Hair & Nature Coloring Bubble in Chocolate Brown (approx. PHP 337.5)

“The bubble-type hair colorant delivers vivid color by just shampooing hair with the product. With enriched 5plant oils, you will have healthy and soft silky hair.”

I think this is brilliant, actually. It’s so much easier to use than other at-home dyes, and it’s not expensive either! I just wish they came out with a wider variety of colors.

2. Real Nature Argan, Mango, and Olive Foam Cleansers (approx, PHP 445.00 each)

I’m currently using the Mango cleanser, and it smells so good. It doesn’t smell like mangoes, it smells like tea, and I love it. 

3. Argan Homme Skin (approx. PHP 995.00)

This is actually for men, although I believe they have an Argan line for women too. This is for my dad, so I have no idea if it’s good or not. 😂

4. Cotton Up Hair Removal Cream (approx. PHP 861.78)

I’ve always used hair removal creams because I find them convenient and inexpensive in comparison to weekly waxes and such. I’m switching from Veet to this though just to try this out.

5. Real Nature Mask Sheet (approx. PHP 90.00)

 So, the great thing about my trip to Nature Republic was that they were having this promo on sheet masks. Instead of the original price, they were selling each individual mask for PHP 55.00 which is already an awesome deal, but guess what? If you buy their pre-packed sets of 20, you get to have double the amount for the same price, meaning you can get 20 face masks for PHP 550.00. Of course, there’s less variety, but it’s great nevertheless! The masks aren’t incredibly special, but they’re good! They’re great basic masks, and I think you should go grab them if the promo’s still ongoing. :))

6. Argan Oil Shampoo and Tea Tree Oil

These are the freebies they give you when you buy stuff from them, and you know I love free things. 🙂

Which was your favorite? Feel free to tell me about any of your recent shopping sprees!


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