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Review // NYX Lingerie, Rimmel Provocalips 16 HR Kiss Proof, Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker


Story: I bought these 3 drugstore lipsticks in Target while I was vacationing in LA 2 months ago. I’ve always wanted to try Rimmel’s products, and I’ve had my eye on this Nyx lipstick for a long time (but unfortunately it’s not available here in the Philippines), while lastly the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker was an impulsive buy, mostly because of the name & packaging, partly because I was intrigued about the product. Drugstore makeup has never failed me before; I love how they have great value for money, but also make sure to deliver good quality. I decided to write a combined review on these products since I purchased them all together and thought it would be apt to do it this way. Let’s get going, shall we?


Product Details:

What: NYX Lingerie

Amount: 4 mL

Where to Buy: Unfortunately, NYX Philippines does not carry this product (YET) 😦 The only place within the country you can get this item is from online shops or resellers.

Price: $7 (Approximately P350)

Packaging: This liquid lipstick comes with a doe foot applicator, which makes it pretty easy to shape and line your lips just the way you want it. The packaging is pretty typical, like any other liquid lipstick, with a glass tube to show the color of the lipstick inside.

Texture: I found the texture of the lipstick to be a bit sticky while I was applying it on my lips and swatching it. I did realize right away, however, that it takes just about 15 seconds before it dries into a matte finish. I like the texture because to be honest, it’s not as drying as it could be. It feels comfortable to wear, and doesn’t feel like I put cement on my lips (like other matte liquid lipsticks).

Scent: None.

Application: I use lip balm before applying this on my lips. Even though I mentioned that it’s not drying and is comfortable, I still need to put lip balm because this lipstick has the tendency to highlight the cracks and dry areas of my lips if I don’t use lip balm. The lipstick is also very long lasting, in that I don’t need to do a retouch during the day. It also doesn’t come off easily and I’ve had to use two coats of makeup remover to get it off.

EXOTIC – I am super in love with this shade. It’s kind of a cross between nude and mahogany red. Ok, fine, it’s not exactly nude if you look at it, but I find that it settles on my lips in the perfect nudish red color. So, yes, I guess it still does fit into their nude line.

Value for Money: This lipstick is only $7 but I swear, it has better or at par formula with other liquid lipsticks like Ofra. To be honest, I actually like this one more than the Kylie singles, which let’s be real, just costs way too much money.

Verdict: For someone who usually hates matte lipsticks, this certainly grew on me. I gotta say that Nyx has one of the best liquid lipstick formulas out there and would totally recommend this if you’re looking for something cheap to dupe other more expensive brands. It certainly won’t disappoint.

Rating: 9/10


Product Details:

What: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker
Amount: 7mL

Where to Buy: Unfortunately, this is not available in the Philippines but this can be bought in any drugstore in the US.

How Much: $10 (approximately P500)

Packaging: It’s packaged like any other lip gloss, with a wand inside a clear tube where you can see the shiny glittery contents of the liquid formula.

Texture: It’s sticky and shiny but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or tacky. It settles into the lips pretty quickly, and I don’t have to worry about it looking too greasy or too much. What sets this apart from others is that it is a plumping lip gloss – which means it’s designed to sting a bit, to achieve a fuller and fatter set of lips. I found that it doesn’t exactly hurt that much; the stinging sensation stays for about 5-10 minutes then it feels unnoticeable.

Scent: It kind of smells like chocolate and cinammon. I quite like it although it might smell cheap or tacky to other people.

Application: I usually put on lipstick before applying this on my lips, mostly because I want more color and feel that using this on its own makes it appear too nude. I paired Sexy Mother Pucker in the shade Nudestar with the NYX Lingerie in the shade Exotic, and I just love how it looks on my lips! I also feel that after about 10 minutes, my lips do look rounder but not too plump that it’d look like I got an allergic reaction or lip surgery. It just enhances my lips to make it look fuller and less all over the place.

Value for Money: It’s pretty cheap but it works well and doesn’t sting too much.

Verdict: It’s able to achieve the results that I want for my lips, but I have reservations about the color payoff. In terms of the overall feel of the formula and the plumping effect, I am quite satisfied about it. It’s my first time using a plumping gloss, and it definitely won’t be the last!

Rating: 8/10


Product Details:

What: Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour

Amount: 7mL

Where to Buy: Unfortunately, this is not available in the Philippines but this can be bought in any drugstore in the US.

How Much: $6.99 (approximately P350)

Packaging: This lipstick is packaged quite differently, because it has double ended doe foot applicators. One end is the liquid lipstick while the other one is the moisturizing colorless gloss. They’re quite confusing at first, because you’re not sure which side the applicator is on, so when I first tried it, I almost spilled the gloss. Other than that, it’s pretty convenient because youpretty much  get two products in one.

Texture: I kinda like the formula and the color payoff of this one. Using just the liquid lipstick gives off a very matte and drying feel, but topped off with the moisturizing gloss, and I feel much more comfortable about it. It’s a perfect combination that makes it so comfortable I kind of forget that I’m wearing any lipstick at all!

Scent: It smells fruity and peachy which I like.

Application: To use this lipstick, first you apply the liquid lipstick. I usually put about 2-3 coatings for the best colour payoff. It dries after a few seconds. Once it goes into a matte finish, you can now apply the gloss to your lips. I just use one coating for this.

Now this product promises 16-hr kissproof lipstick. I honestly don’t need a kissproof product, but I do need a foodproof one. Yes, it is longlasting, but in terms of it being foodproof, it just doesn’t work all that well for me. Most of it still stay on my lips after eating and it manages to look presentable, but I still find myself grabbing to it in the middle of the day for a retouch. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me as well as it should, when it works for my sister, but I guess it depends on you because no makeup works exactly the same way with different people.

Value for Money: Like any other drugstore lipstick, it’s very affordable, but this one’s very worth it because it has 2 products in one.

Verdict: I like the texture, formula and pigmentation but its initial promise of a 16-hr kissproof product just doesn’t work for me as well as it should. Really, I expected it would never get off no matter what I do or eat. To be honest, I actually would purchase more of the shades, but not for the long lasting promise and more because of the shades and formula.

Rating: 7/10

Overall Verdict:

Out of the 3 products, I like NYX Lingerie the most. I kind of wish I could go back to LA and buy more shades. 😩 I really love NYX’s formula and it’s definitely become one of my go-to faves in terms of liquid lipsticks! The Rimmel one is also great, but the kissproof component just didn’t work for me. And lastly, Sexy Mother Pucker did work with its plumping lip effect, but I just did not like the pigmentation. I guess you can’t have it all. Despite my reservations, I really enjoyed using all the products and would definitely purchase the other shades next time.



10 thoughts on “Review // NYX Lingerie, Rimmel Provocalips 16 HR Kiss Proof, Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

  1. Always LOVE a good lippie! Your swatches were so cute. I like when things are extra creative. And I love me some pinky nudes. I’ve just been rocking the mac lipsticks lately. Just such a quick, easy go to! Great post and blog babe ✨💄💖

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