LBB Travel Diaries: Zhangjiajie-Fenghuang, China

Last April 10-16, we went to China. This is probably the fifth time already that I’ve been to China, but my family really loves to go there. They’ve been eyeing to go here for quite some time now, and it was just timing that there was a package tour for this place at the perfect dates. So here’s basically what we did on our trip! 🙂

Day 1: We basically spent the whole day either in the airport or in the airplane. I don’t think the flight from Manila to Zhangjiajie would be so long, but we had to stopover Guangzhou, so we ended up arriving in Zhangjiajie pass midnight already. My sister and I immediately slept after reaching our room because we knew we will be waking up early the next day. 😦


Day 2: So this was actually our legit first day in Zhangjiajie. We went to tour Tianzi Mountain which is also known as the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain. We also had a pretty long elevator ride where we could see the whole mountain view from the top! It was honestly breathtaking.

Tianzi Avatar Mountain
I remembered before we were able to see this view, we rode a bus to go all the way up. The bus driver was sooo scary. He was driving way too fast, and the roads were really scary cause one wrong move then we will all fall way down.


We also went to a park that day. I couldn’t remember where, but it was also really nice because of all the blooming flowers!

After that, we went to a place called the Yellow Dragon Cave. So this was a huge cave, nothing so special, but inside the cave we had a boat ride!

Beautiful lights inside
Day 3: I remembered this was the day we had to walk a lot! We went to Tianmenshan Scenic Area- another mountain view, and there were so many people going up and down the area. A lot of locals were shouting at one another cause it was just too tight that we couldn’t move anymore. It was quite a battle to go up, but going back down was easy cause we simply rode a cable car.

When we were almost at the very top of the mountain there was this like pathway that was extended from the mountain, and it was made of glass! It was pretty cool because we were able to see a bit what was under us. Although if you are afraid of heights, then I would recommend you not going to this place. Haha.


After all the mountain tour, we went to The Glass Bridge. We only saw a portion though since we weren’t able to enter and experience walking on the bridge, but it’s okay cause my sister and I ate fried yogurt. It was so good!

fried yogurt and fruits
After dinner, we went to watch a famous show called the Tianmen Fox Fairy Show. The show was held outdoors, and the cool thing was the setting and background itself is in the mountain area. It was actually a really nice show.

Day 4: From Zhangjiajie, we went to another place called Fenghuang. It was around 5 hours long when riding the bus, so before reaching our destination, we went to Red-stone Forest Scenic Area. The whole place was full of stones, and they said everything was naturally made.


When we arrived to Fenghuang, the sun was almost down so we only had the chance to visit the Old Town Bar Street. This place was like a huge night market. There were so many shops that sell the same types of food, clothes, and other souvenirs. There were also cafes, bars, and restos there. The place was so lively! After a long walk, my sister and I ate ice cream. Our fave!



Day 5: We only spent one night at Fenghuang, so went back to Zhangjiajie the same day. But before doing so, we stopped by again to see the same place we went to the night before to see the day view, and the former residence of Mr. Shen Cong Wen and Mr. Xiang Xi Ling. I know one of them was a writer while the other was a local emperor. I’m not sure which is which though.


On the way back, we stopped by again another scenic area which was the Aizhai Bridge. This bridge was truly one of a kind. It’s made from one mountain to another, and there were absolutely no pillars at the center of the bridge.


Day 6: We woke up really early to catch our flight. We ended up arriving in Manila at around 6pm because again we stopped over Guangzhou for 5 hours. Good thing I downloaded a few episodes of Korean dramas, so I had some source of entertainment while waiting.

And that’s it! That’s basically our whole trip. I must admit the places were all beautiful. It’s just that some of the locals were rude and so disrespectful. You really have to have a lot of patience when travelling here. 🙂



3 thoughts on “LBB Travel Diaries: Zhangjiajie-Fenghuang, China

  1. Lovely pics!! It also makes me want to go on holiday!! I’d love to go to China too!! So beautiful! I do have to say, you should also post what you eat there! It’s always nice to see what foods they have!! xoxo Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sarah! ❤️ At the place we went to, almost every meal we had were honestly not that good, but the chicken and burgers from Mcdo and KFC were definitely worth a try ☺️ Both tasted even better than what we have here in the Philippines!

      Liked by 1 person

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