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Review // Banila Co Slick Expression Sparkle Eyeliners

Product Details

What: Banila Co Slick Expression Eyeliners 

Easy-to-use buildable, waterproof sparkle eyeliner for precise, consistent, and sharp eyes with irresistible intensity. 

“Jewel Complex” with Metor-like Metallic Finish, Allows for Stunning Presentation of Gorgeously Shimmering Eyes
Where to buy: Banila Co has stores at Glorietta 4, 2nd Floor, Robinsons Place Manila, Ground Floor Pedro Gil Wing , SM North Edsa, 2nd Floor Main Mall, Landmark TriNoma, Ground Floor, SM Mall of Asia, Beauty section, Ground Floor. You can also buy online at

Price: Approx P600

Story: I actually featured this product on my Banila Co Haul blog post. I bought a lot there at one point, and I have finally been able to try out all products. The first time I saw this, I was really excited because I’ve always wanted an eyeliner that is not black. Haha. And I’ve finally found one. 

The packaging is just simple, but it’s also pretty cute because of the shades of their slick eyeliners. It’s just black on top but the color on the remaining 3/4 of the tube varies with the color of the eyeliner. One thing I dislike though was that the product itself is so small despite the long tube packaging. The tip of the eyeliner was so long. I felt like there could be more of the product itself, so it was a bit of a scam. 😦

Shade: Pink (but doesn’t look pink)
Shade: Pink Beige

Excuse my chipped nail polish 😦 

This one’s consistency was not too watery but more like a glitter glue. Because of this I feel like, it’s also glued on to my eyelids haha, but my sister has oily eyelids and she told me how the eyeliner has a tendency to clump together on her.

No noticeable scent

Application: I would say it doesn’t have the smoothest application for an eyeliner. I think it’s because of the consistency of the product with the glitters. It makes it a bit harder to apply, but the good thing is since it’s a shimmery eyeliner, it’s okay to make mistakes. It won’t be much noticeable, and it won’t look that bad cause of the forgiving shades and of course the glitters. Both shades I got basically are the same except for the shades. Although I think Pink Beige needs a bit more building up to be seen as an eyeliner rather than Pink. Both dries quickly too, so no need to worry about smudging unless you have oily eyelids. The brush tip of this is thin so it’s even better cause you can have a more precise application.


Other shades available

Value for money: 600 for a small product like this is a bit too expensive, even if the eyeliner itself is amazing. I just wish they would have put more product inside to make it more worth it.

Verdict: I like the application and how unique and shimmery this eyeliner is, but other than that I’m not that impressed. I would probably look for an alternative eyeliner that’s also shimmery like this. 



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