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Review // Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Product Details:

What: Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

A glow that’s never shy about showing off. 12 shades of rose gold pigment infused eye shadow colors

Where to Buy: You can get this at any Maybelline store. Branches can be found in places such as: Robinsons Magnolia or Watsons branches.

Price: approx. PHP 600.00

Story: This was another one of the many gifts I was blessed enough to receive on my birthday. I had the Maybelline The Nudes Palette before I was given this one, and that was my go-to eyeshadow palette for everyday looks, so I was really excited to try this out, especially since I was gravitating towards rosier looks at the time (and I still am). As soon as I got home, I swatched all the colors on my arm because swatches are life!

Packaging: There’s nothing all that special about the packaging to be honest. It’s a simple, rectangular, plastic case. It doesn’t scream GLAM, but it does its job. I guess I dislike the lack of a mirror because I hate having to stick my face all the way in front of the vanity mirror just to get my makeup done. I can’t see it from far away since I wear glasses, and I have a delicate back; I can’t lean like that for extended periods of time. (jk) Ah, the tragic life of a makeup lover.

Texture: Okay, so the truth is I’m confused?? This palette has mainly glittery shadows, but then there is one that I’m sure is matte, and there are two that are honestly dubious once swatched. I’m gonna refer to the shades as 1-12 starting from upper left down to lower right. All of the shadows except for #10 are powdery in composition and have great amounts of fallout, and since they’re glittery, you can never get rid of them. #10 on the other hand has an almost clay-like texture to it. It’s somewhat gray too, so when you apply it, you’re left wondering if it’s a clay mask gone wrong. It’s so out of place too among the glittery selection. #11 and #12 are supposed to be shimmery, but I feel as though #11 is more matte as well, and #12 is too dark for the glitter to show.

Scent: There isn’t a discernible scent.

Application: I’m normally too lazy to grab a brush, so I end up using my fingers to apply this most of the time. You should use a brush if you’d like to get a more precise application, but the good thing about this palette is that even if you just use your fingers, your eyeshadow look ends up great anyway. I don’t really like the shades 9-12 though, so I don’t use them all that much.

(from left to right) Shades #1-#6

These are the colors I like better from this palette. I think that aside from the excessive fall-out, the colors are pretty, feminine, and deliver the promise of the palette itself. My personal favorites are #4 and #6. I think they spice up the look without being over the top or darkening the eyes.

(from left to right) Shades #7-#12

Honestly, the bottom half of this palette disappointed me. 7-9 are fine, and they go well together, but what happened to the last three? #10 and #11 have such odd consistencies, they don’t blend well, and the colors don’t complement the other colors in the palette. I have a particular dislike for #10 because it looks like literal dirt. I thought #12 would be nice because it was dark violet with fabulous purple specks of glitter, but boy, was I wrong. You can tell by the swatch that it’s practically black, and the glitter barely even shows. I feel as though I could forgive this in a different palette, but here, it just takes away the youthful femininity that a blushed palette should give. It also somehow manages to get everywhere, and that is so not cute. 

BTW, before I go into anything else, the shades do actually have names:

The reason why I didn’t use them was because the names weren’t in order and the shades were quite far from what the colors in the palette actually looked like. I couldn’t fully piece together which names are for which shades, but I’m guessing my favorites are called Ox Blood and Brick, and my three least favorites are Smoky Taupe, Concrete, and After Hours. I could be wrong though because it honestly looks so different from the ones irl.

Value for Money: This is actually pretty cheap, but if you’re going to buy an eyeshadow palette, I say go for a different one instead. From what I recall, The Nudes are better than The Blushed Nudes, so go for that instead since it’s in the same price range, and if you’re really itching for a rosy, blushed palette, I suggest you grab a different one.

Verdict: This palette is cheap and offers a wide range of colors. Most of the shades are wearable, universally flattering, and easy to apply. The quality isn’t that great though, so although I will still use this and find ways to utilize all shades, I will, unfortunately, not be purchasing this palette any time soon.

Rating: 5/10


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