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Review // NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette


Product Details:

What: NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

Amount: 20 grams

Where to Buy: Unfortunately, NYX Philippines does not carry this product (YET) 😦 The only place within the country you can get this item is from online shops or resellers.

Price: $19 (approximately P1000)

3Story: This was one of the items I bought during my US West Coast trip. I’ve had my eye on this product for a long time already, since I’m so obsessed with highlighting! The only problem is that this isn’t available locally, so I only got to buy it when I went abroad. I bought this in Target, which was literally the very first thing I did when I arrived. Heh, priorities, right?


Packaging: The palette comes inside a rectangular black compact, with a clear top. The upper 4 shades are about .07 oz. each, while the lower 3 shades are at 0.14 oz.  It also includes a box which has the details of the product at the back, as well as a few directions of use. The packaging looks nice and clean, and the transparent top is a good move to show the gorgeous shades right away. However, I’m quite peeved that there’s no mirror included, which is something that I had expected it would have. Other than that, I’m quite okay and satisfied with how it looks.


Texture: I was pleasantly surprised by how creamy and smooth these felt on my skin. All 7 shades have great formulas, and blend seamlessly. It’s also great for layering, and they never look too cakey or dry no matter how much layers of shades I’ve put. I like that it doesn’t make my skin look as if it was submerged into glitter, but instead shimmers naturally. It also has great pigmentation, although the bottom 3 shades would probably give a more noticeable and intense color, compared to the lighter ones on top.

Scent: None.


Application: I use either a brush or my fingers to apply this on my face. Usually I like to use a brush for a more subtle glow, and my fingers if I want it to look a bit more intense. The best way to use this product, for me, though, is to layer and mix and match the shades, to what works best for you. My personal favorites would be Oh and did I mention that the best thing about this palette is that all the shades are in one place so I can easily grab one when I need it?

7(Top to Bottom: True Gold, Light Pink, Lavender, Golden Pink)

Personally, I like using the Golden Pink one then layering it with the Light Pink one on top. I tried to use the shades individually as well, but found that layering it produces a better result. They’re really able to highlight my cheekbones better in a very natural way.

6(Top to Bottom: Peachy Gold, Bronze, Champagne)

I also like using the Bronze shade with Peachy Gold above it. Since I have a pretty fair to tan complexion, I find these shades the most suited for me. I haven’t warmed up to the lighter shades such as the Lavender one, mostly because it doesn’t seem to match my skintone that well. Although, I feel like it would be good to brighten some dull spots on my skin so I’ve tried doing it below and above my lip, which looks pretty subtle and decent enough.

Value for Money: This palette is quite a steal! With just $19 (about P1000) you get 7 gorgeous shades all in one palette! To be honest, I would say this palette is pretty comparable to ABH’s Glow Kit, but it’s much cheaper and offers almost the same quality.

Verdict: I actually use this palette the most nowadays, because like I mentioned, it has all the shades I need and love. I cannot stress even more how much you guys need to get this for yourself as well. This is so worth the wait, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s into the glow craze nowadays!

Rating: 10/10



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