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Beauty Haul #3 // Tony Moly

Beauty Haul is a feature on our blog where we will share any pretty items we have gotten recently, like a show-and-tell. This may range from skincare items to make-up to clothes to basically anything we want to show you guys. This may be weekly, monthly, or whenever we feel like going on a splurge (which of course, is pretty much all the time). 

For this Beauty Haul, we’re showing Tony Moly a little love!

1. Clean Dew Foam Cleanser (PHP 198.00)

This comes in basically all the colors of the rainbow! My current face wash is actually the Red Grapefruit version of this facial wash. I believe I have them all except for the Aloe one, but the others aren’t in this haul because we bought it at a different time. Each type has a different purpose: lemon for brightening, aloe for hydration, blueberry for rejuvenation, red grapefruit for firming, and acerola for vibrancy.

2. Floria Brightening Peeling Gel (approx. PHP 432.00)

The main purpose of this product is to peel away dead cells and reveal bright skin. I use this once a week, and I honestly appreciate this so much. When you rub the product into the skin, the product peels off taking some dead skin along with it, and I love how my skin is immediately brighter and softer after usage. The one thing I don’t like about this would have to be the scent; I almost can’t have it on my face because I’m quite sensitive to scent.

3. Naturalth Goat Milk Whitening Toner (approx. PHP 1170.00)

I alternate between two different toners depending on whether my skin is breaking out or not, so I really don’t use this enough to be able to tell if there’s actually any whitening going on, but I’m pretty satisfied with this as a toner. There’s a common misconception about what a toner actually does. People usually think that a toner is an additional cleansing step, but it’s actually meant to rehydrate your skin after cleansing and prep your skin to absorb the next steps of your skincare well.

4. Cats Wink Clear Pact (approx. PHP 303.50)

I’m not normally attracted to any powders, but look at this! It’s too cute to ignore! There are actually two shades of this: 01 Light Beige and 02 Clear Beige. I believe we have 02 Clear Beige, and it’s not the best powder out there, but it’s so photogenic that I could forgive anything.

5. Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow (approx. PHP 300.00)

I haven’t really tried this product, so here’s the product description. 🙂

“Define your look with beautiful brows. The angled tip of the pencil makes it easy to precisely trace the shape you want while the built-in brush makes it easy to blend.”

6. Perfect Eyes Super Proof Eyeline (PHP 498.00)

Haven’t tried this either, but from my swatches, it seems pretty promising! I got this in black, but there’s a brown one as well.

“This eyeliner’s formula builds a strong film around the pigments for a long-wearing, smudge-free finish.”

7. Shocking Lip Perfect Lips (PHP 400.00)

This comes in four different shades: 01 Pink Shocking, 02 Red Shocking, 03 Ruby Shocking, and 04 Orange Shocking. We got 02 Red Shocking, and this is honestly such a gorgeous product! The pigmentation is great, and it stays on all day; however, it does tend to settle into your lines by the end of the day. 🙂

8. Liptone Get It Tint HD (approx. PHP 1227.50)

There are eight shades of this—well, seven since the first one is just clear. We’ll be posting a review for this in the future, so I won’t be spoiling this much!

That’s everything we got this time! Which one did you like best? You can look forward to more hauls in the future as we get more and more broke! ❤


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