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Delicious Days // Sunnies Cafe Review

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My friends and I were exhausted after a long day of job interviews and job hunting in BGC, so we settled in at the nearest cafe we could find – Sunnies Cafe, which to be honest, isn’t exactly your typical coffee shop aesthetic, but I do warn you that it does live up to the hype from the IG crowd. Everything in this place is highly instagrammable, so be prepared with your smartphones and cameras if you’re stopping by.



The interior: I told you — this place is just designed for IG. I really love the sleek and modern design, and especially the colors!


The service: When we walked in, there weren’t much people inside, probably around 2-3 tables aside from us. We were immediately greeted by one of the waitresses, and were seated in a comfy couch. They were all very friendly and made sure to take our orders and even give recommendations.


The food: Sunnies Cafe offers a wide variety of food, such as brunch, cocktails, main course, desserts, salads, soups, and more. We went in at around 5pm in the afternoon, so we weren’t exactly in the mood for a heavy meal. We decided on ordering to-share desserts instead to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings.


Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie. P340. This not only looked good on camera, but it also tasted super delicious! It’s made of oreo crusted pie, fresh bananas, silky cream filling and whipped cream. I just wish they had put more bananas in it as I couldn’t taste it that much.


Kimye. P190. This milkshake is made of oreos, cookies and cream, and malt. It tasted so-so and uneven. There were times when I could taste only the malt, and at times only the oreo. Although this can be easily solved by mixing the drink properly, I really wish they had done it for us. LOL


I really want to go back to try the other dishes, this time one of the main courses so I can make a valid verdict. So far though, I really do like the desserts and would definitely order them again. I love the whole aesthetic and the ambiance of the cafe, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for something pretty to the eyes and to the mouth!



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