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Review // Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter in 200 Medium Nude Glow

Product Details:

What: Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter in 200 Medium Glow

Weight: 0.24oz/6.8g

Price: PHP 399

Where to buy: Maybelline has a lot (AND I MEAN A LOT) of branches here in the Philippines. Any department store or Watson’s will definitely have this brand.


I went on vacation to LA and did a little drugstore make up shopping spree. This was one of the many items I got, rather, impulsively.



Packaging: The product comes in a chubby cylindrical tube you need to twist to reveal the stick. It was very easy for me to identify the product as a highlighter, because of the color of the tube — it’s very shiny and has an ombre tone. It’s lightweight and compact which makes it very travel-friendly.


Texture: I really really like the texture of this highlighter stick because it doesn’t feel so liquidy or oily on my face, but it’s not so dry either. When I put it on, it’s pigmented enough that I can carefully blend it on my face until it slowly dries and goes into a powdery finish. It just feels gorgeous.

Scent: None.

Application: This one’s really easy to apply. With just one swipe and a few blending, you’re good to go! It’s creamy at first and dries into powder once it sets. It’s pretty good because while it hasn’t dried, you’re still able to blend it the way you want it to look like, whether by hand or using a brush. One thing to note about it is that I didn’t find it very long lasting. I had it on in the morning, and by lunchtime, all the glow was gone. However, during the time I did have it on, it was just amazing.

Value for Money: I would say this is one of the best drugstore highlighters around, and the cheap price makes this a steal!

Verdict: I love it! It has a great formula and pigmentation, that’s easy to use and blend into your face, plus it makes my face shine gorgeously! I just have reservations about its staying power, but other than that, I’m definitely looking out to purchase the other shade too! Would recommend it for anyone looking for cheap highlighter sticks.

Rating: 9/10



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