Talk Pretty to Me: This Year, I

There are certain things I’ve learned last year, and there are certain things I’ve promised myself this year, all of which stem from various realizations I’ve had about my life in general. I know it’s quite odd to schedule this type of post this time of the year and not earlier on when everyone’s talking about their own resolutions, but the thing is, I didn’t have these things in mind when I started this year off. I went into the year free of any expectations, only writing down the usual “eat healthy”, “be kind”, and “work out more” on my resolutions. Sure, I’m still working on that, but I also have other resolutions I’ve added later on and prioritized. We don’t need to find a catalyst for change like the new year or a birthday. We change when we want to change, not when the time is right. This year, I have decided to work on turning myself into a better person, and although I might not achieve exactly what I want by the end of the year, I like to think that as long as I’m trying, I’m already a better person. This post is pretty random, I just wanted to share to you some of the things I’ve learned and some of the things that I want to keep in mind.

This year, I will develop my own style.

I may not have realized it at first, but the things people say, wear, and do all influence me in some way. I know that wont stop just because I decide that it doesn’t affect me anymore, but what I’m trying to change is my tendency to let those influences consume me. I like to express myself through my outward appearance, but most of the time, I am unable to do so because I’m just so conscious. Now, I’m making an effort to figure out what I like, what suits me, and who I am. I’ve made mistakes, and I’ll make mistakes, but I’ll keep on going because I want to be myself in every way.

This year, I will cut myself some slack.

I’ve always been the type of person who tries to do everything. It frustrates me when I find myself unable to do something, and I often sign up for more than I can handle, and even if I manage everything at the end of the day, it’s so taxing in every aspect. As the years go by, everything gets a lot more stressful, and I’m giving myself an intervention. I guess this time, I’m trying to find a balance between being active in life and taking time to rest, reflect, and slack off. As much as doing your best is important, you have to be mediocre in some things every once in a while. Failing, making mistakes, or being unskilled are all normal. They’re not a sign of your capabilities, they’re just a part of being human.

This year, I will learn to pick my battles.

Most people who say this probably mean that they’ll pick less fights, but in my case, it means I’d argue more. I’m very non-confrontational and evasive, but that just gives me a lot more trouble later on. It seems good in theory to just let things pass and forget about it when people wrong you, but you have to learn to stand up for yourself. I know when I’m being wronged and when people are being unfair, but I never speak up about it because I always wonder if the reason people are like that towards me is because I’ve done wrong first, and that has led to a lot of stress and discontentment. It’s important to let things go, but it’s also important to realize when there’s something really wrong and speak up about it. You don’t have to fight, you just have to talk it out, and no matter what the result is, move on.


There are a bunch of other things I want to work on, but for now, this is all I’m focusing on. There isn’t a guide on how to become a better person, but I’m sure we’re all slowly getting there. The most important things are just to grant yourself a little time to reflect, to find what it is that bothers you, and to constantly try and improve. It takes time, and truthfully, you will never be fully satisfied with yourself, but change will make us better. We have to find it within ourselves to change and improve because we can really only get worse if we have already decided that we can’t change the things we are unhappy about.

This year (or, well, the rest of it hahaha) will probably be exhausting for all of us, but we’ll get through it like we always do, and we’ll come out the other side as better people. Life gets better, and we get better, so keep on going and have fun! ❤




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