Lip Swatches // 6 Best Nude Shades

Nude lipsticks have been so trendy for quite some time now, so I have collected a bunch of these in my makeup bag. I narrowed down my nude lipsticks, so I’ll be sharing to you the best of the best. Haha. These have different formulas, so choose the ones that you like the best. 🙂

1. Colourpop (Echo Park)


Product Description: This warm peachy nude is perfect, whether you are cruising to Chinatown or Downtown.

I really love how this shade looks on my lips! It’s perfect for a long adventurous day since you don’t even need to retouch your lip makeup with this. It stays the whole day and it doesn’t budge at all. Even if you ate a hundred million of yummy treats, this will not move. You would really need a makeup remover for this to take off from your lips! If you’re looking for the perfect everyday satin finish that will last you a really long time, then this one’s perfect for you.

Price: $6.00, but it is being sold here in the Philippines for around 400 pesos.

2. Nyx (Soft-Spoken)
A mauve nude liquid lipstick that will look good in almost all skin tones. The liquid suede cream formula from Nyx isn’t very drying in comparison to other liquid lipsticks that settles into the lines of your lips. I also love how smooth and easy it is to apply this. It lasts a long time too, but I think the Colourpop one is a bit more long lasting.

Price: $7.00, but it is being sold here in the Philippines for around 480-500 pesos.

3. Nyx (Cannes)

Okay so this might not be counted as a nude shade, but I promise it looks like a pinkish nude on the lips! I fell in love the first time I tried this on my lips! I was amazed on how natural and pretty it looks like. It suits any makeup look. It has a creamy formula, but it stays on the lips as matte. Although it’s the least long lasting one in comparison to the previous ones, I think it’s still amazing.

Price: $6.00, but it is being sold here in the Philippines for around 390 pesos.

4. Mac (Velvet Teddy)

If I could only choose one lipstick out of all these 6 shades, I would choose Mac’s Velvet Teddy. This is my all time favorite lipstick out of all of these shades. It’s the perfect nude shade for me, and it’s also pretty moisturizing. I love the simple black bullet packaging it has, and I don’t know why I really like the scent of this one too. Even if this is not the most long lasting, I still really like it. It has a matte finish, but it doesn’t even feel that matte at all which I like!

Price: $17.00, but it is being sold here in the Philippines for around 1050 pesos.

5 and 6. Happy Skin x Disney Princess (Belle and Rapunzel) 

Product Description (Belle): Be our guest and swipe on this rich, nude honey hue. Be like Belle—who braves all to save the beast—and let your inner beauty break the curse and enchant them all.

Product Description (Rapunzel): Let the power of pink be revealed with this mauve hue. Like Rapunzel, don’t let walls stop you. Brush up your dreams and let them shine!

I got really excited when I received both Belle and Rapunzel as a Christmas gift last year. I have been eyeing on this for a while before I received it because I’ve hear a lot of good reviews on these two. I was also really happy because Belle and Rapunzel can be bought together, and these two are the ones which I think I can use the most among all the other shades available. So yes, both shades are great everyday nude shades, but I think I like Belle a little bit more on me. Both Belle and Rapunzel are moisturizing lippies which means that it doesn’t stay very long on my lips. It fades easily, so I have to reapply it again and again.

*I went to the Happy Skin website and saw the lip swatches of both Belle and Rapunzel, but they look completely different from how it actually looks like.

Price Details: 599 pesos each.

Tried to compare the swatches with my sister’s, but I found out that our skin tone is not that much different. Oops.

What’s your personal fave? Share them with me in the comments below! 🙂


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