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Beauty Tips #1 // Prettify Your Skin with These Lifestyle Changes

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Back in college, I had very dry and unhealthy skin. I always had pimple outbursts and given that I was very much busy with something else that was supposedly more urgent and important (seriously Past Self, what could be more important than skincare?!), without noticing, I left my skin to gradually deteriorate on its own (you can’t imagine the regret I have right now).

I always slept late staying up into the wee hours of the morning to finish homework, ate way too many junk food and sweets due to stress eating (why can’t I just be a stress starver?!), and add to that the fact that I never really had good skin to begin with — when suddenly, one day, bad skin became a part of me. *shudders*

To fix my problem, I focused on band aid solutions such as using concealer, BB cream, and powder to hide my pimples and acne scars. Looking back, it was actually my bad skin that made me begin using make-up because I wanted to hide so many blemishes on my face. But more often than not, they did not help in the long run and have instead actually contributed to my bad skin. It was only when I finished school and graduated that I finally had the time to do something super overdue: fix my life. My bad skin problem which had worsened in the latter years of my college life was one of my top priorities. With this, I started to research ways on how to fix my skin. I had facials, face masks, and used a tremendous amount of skincare products.

But I am going to let you in on a secret.

The secret to pretty skin is not just about using skincare. I mean yes, it pays to have a legit skin care regimen; I myself spend tons of money on skincare alone, so it should work.

But what I mean is, there is a more natural way to go about your skincare. And it’s all about the small lifestyle changes you do.So here are some things I have realized, or maybe already knew, but only took the time to focus on over the last few months, which I’d be happy to share. 🙂

1. Drink lots of water

Probably the most obvious, no-brainer advice I can give, drinking water is a definite must, that a lot of people still don’t do. I was never really a big water drinker too, but if it can make my skin better, then I’m on it! Not only does drinking water have other benefits to your body and health, drinking tons of water can clear up your skin very easily. If you’re not in it for the other health benefits of water, then at least, drink for your skin. I suggest drinking more than 8 glasses a day and avoid drinking soda and other sugar infected juices and drinks.

2. Sleep early

Contrary to popular belief, sleep is not for the weak. Sleep is good. Sleep is for everyone. And sleeping early is even better. I suffered the consequences of my all-nighters and late bed time by enduring all the pimple breakouts I had. Fortunately, eyebags were never really my problem, but I know lots of people who have it. Try sleeping at about 10pm everyday for about a week and see the difference it makes to your skin. You’ll be sure to have a bright and natural glow in no time. And, you’ll feel less dazed in the morning, and actually be able to function normally.

3. Eat healthy food

Eat lots of veggies and fruits. I probably sound like a hypocrite with this advice, especially to those who know me well. Because if you do know me well, then you’d know that I live for all the unhealthy sweets like chocolates and candy. I know how difficult is to give up certain food especially if a lot of the unhealthy ones are just really good (why can’t veggies just taste like chocolate instead of leaves?!). The struggle is real, fam. So if you can’t totally give up on all the junk food and sweets, like me, then you can try to just lessen the portions and increase your intake of veggies and fruits. Slowly but surely.

4. Detox

I never thought that the word “detox” would ever escape my mouth because I never really saw myself as one of those types who would spend a ridiculous amount of time preparing and drinking healthy fruit veggie juices, eating organic food, and meditating.

But detoxifying can apparently lead to better skin, so okay, now I’m all board with this detox thing!

Apart from the things I’ve mentioned above, exercising and sweating it out is also a good way to detox. My suggestions would be yoga, zumba, gym, swimming, etc. Recently, I tried out spinning, but I fell off the bike and sprained my ankle after one session, so I haven’t been back just yet.

5. Keep your cellphone and gadgets clean

The fact that your cellphone or gadget can be dirty for your face is a fact that people overlook most of the time as using these things has become a part of our daily life, similar to breathing. We use our phones everyday and it’s the one thing that we keep close to our faces more than any other object. We tend to forget that we bring this everywhere we go, even when going to the bathroom (because a bathroom experience is just not the same without your phone!) , which makes this very susceptible to bacteria and germs. This can be very bad for your skin, as we usually hold the phone near our face when taking calls or even when just using it. Keep it a habit to clean your phone every once in a while. Use a cotton ball with alcohol to clean it.

6. Always properly wash your face and remove make up

I live in an area that’s really polluted – hello, Manila. So everyday is a struggle to get to school or work as I try to dodge smoke from cars and other random shizz in the air. Please dirt, don’t come near my skin! If you’re in the same situation as me, then how unlucky you are. It is now more urgent than ever to clean your face as soon as you get home. If you’re fortunate enough to live or work in a cleaner place or if you have the luxury to drive home, then you’re in a better situation, but you still need to make it a habit of cleaning your face when you get home.

Never ever make it an excuse that you’re just too tired or sleepy, or that you’ve had a long day and are just so done with everything. Always make sure to remove your make-up properly and clean your skin thoroughly. Trust me, you’ll regret it in the morning if you don’t.

7. Don’t touch your face

I’m guilty of this because I have this habit of touching my face when I’m bored. It’s for no reason really in particular, but it’s just become a really bad habit that I’ve been trying to shake off. Please do not do this. Your hands might be dirty as you might have touched so many things around you the whole day. It’s also very gross, now that I think about it. So just to be sure, don’t touch your face unless you’re washing it.

These are surefire ways on how to take care of your skin. Do you have any other advice on how to naturally have good skin? Share them with me below!!! 🙂


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