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Review // Miniso Three Color Eyeshadow

Product Details:

What: Miniso Three Color Eyeshadow

Weight: 19oz/5.4g

Price: PHP 99

Where to buy: Miniso already has several branches here in the Philippines, and some are still about to open. ROBINSONS PLACE MANILA (Padre Faura Wing – 2nd Level), SM CITY SAN LAZARO (2nd Level), SM CITY MANILA (2nd Level), SM CITY EAST ORTIGAS (2nd Level), SM CITY FAIRVIEW (UG Level Annex 1), SM CITY SUCAT (2nd Level Building A), SM SOUTHMALL (2nd Level), Gateway


Last valentine’s day, I got gifts from my friends and surprise surprise they all got me makeup. This Miniso eyeshadow was one of those gifts I received from one of my closest friends, and I was really happy and excited to try this one out since I’ve heard a lot of good things about Miniso’s beauty selection. Well, I’ve actually tried one of their lip crayons before, but I have never tried their eyeshadows! 😀

Packaging: The packaging is just super simple. It has a clear cover where you can clearly see everything inside and it has “Three Color Eyeshadow” printed on it. On the bottom part it’s a solid off-white color. It’s not the classiest or cutest packaging out there, but I just really really like how simple it is and how it’s able to maximize the space.

Texture: I don’t feel the texture of this at all. In fact, if I would describe the texture, I would say it has no texture at all. It’s just so smooth that’s it feels like nothing. It’s not buttery or creamy at all too.

Scent: None.

Application: I love love love the application of these eyeshadows! It’s so easy. I usually just use my fingers to apply and it looks amazing. The applicator that comes with it is also great with these eyeshadows, I just prefer using my fingers. All the shades have great color payoff, and it stays pretty well on my eyelids.

Value for Money: I thought my Bench eyeshadow stick was already brilliantly cheap, but ths one is just wow. I didn’t expect this to be only 99 pesos but who would really? It already comes in three shades and everything about it is to die for! It’s definitely worth every single centavo! If I were you, I’d grab one out now!

Verdict: Overall, this three color eyeshadow is amazing! It’s the perfect subtle way to glam up your eye. Plus, it goes well with any lip color, but I love this especially with a red lip. It’s beautiful, stunning, and surprisingly cheap! Even though I just got this recently, this has become one of my faves! I think I love the pinkish shade the most. 🙂 Super love this!

Rating: 10/10 LOVE IT

Have you tried any of Miniso’s beauty line? What do you think? Share them down below! 🙂


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