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Beauty Haul #2 // Banila Co 

For our second beauty haul, I’ll be sharing to you the things I got from Banila Co. This is the first time I’ve ever been to Banila Co, so I went a bit crazy. Oops. 

Here’s an overview of everything I got:

1. Kiss Collector Lip Crayon Shine (P675 each)

This long-lasting, velvety lip crayon delivers excellent pigmentation to give you an instant burst of color. Just like the Satin version of the Kiss Collector Lip Crayon, this contains Jojoba seed oil and Barbados Cherry to ensure you long-lasting color and care.

I got the shades Danger Kiss and Air Kiss.

2. Kiss Collector Lip Crayon Satin (P675)

This soft satin gloss crayon coats your lips with stunning colors and moisture to keep your lips stained and shiny for a long period of time. With this containing Shea Butter and Avocado oil, your lips will surely attain the longwearing and caring powder of this lippie.

I got the shade called The Devil.

3. Finger Tok Lip and Cheek (P575 each)

On the go lip and cheek tint that gives off a natural, healthy glow to keep you looking fresh and vibrant. It contains a two in one hybrid formula infused with delectable colors for a playful look.

I got the shades Cherry Pink and Acid Orange
4. Slick Expression Sparkle Eyeliner (P600 each approx)

Easy-to-use buildable, waterproof sparkle eyeliner for precise, consistent, and sharp eyes with irresistible intensity. 

“Jewel Complex” with Metor-like Metallic Finish, Allows for Stunning Presentation of Gorgeously Shimmering Eyes

I got the shades 04 Pink and 06 Pink Beige

5. It Radiant Lace Hydrogel Mask Sheet (P240 each)

Banila Co’s signature lace pattern hydrogel sheet

Moisturizing- Moisturize parched skin

Calming-Calm the skin

6. Mr. Skin Doctor Ampoule Mask Sheet (P168 each)

2-Step intensive face treatment care that typical pre-moistened sheet mask can compensate for your deadly dehydrated skin! Ampoule is generously applied on the skin before fitting the organic cotton sheet over the face. 

Moisturizing- Moisturize dry rough skin. Includes Hot Spring Water and Ceramice to deeply hydrate the skin.

Soothing- Calm dry and sensitive skin. Includes Glacier Waterand Chamomile to soothe dry and sensitive skin.

7. The Blacks Essential Mask (P145 each)

Purifying Charcoal ingredient formulated in the mask sheet filters out skin impurities while Black Food Complex supplies distressed skin with full nourishment to skin.

Moisturizing- Hydrates skin then softens dry and rough skin

Nourishing- Intense moisturization and nourishment for a healthy, firm skin

Soothing and Relaxing- Purify and calms skin while moisturizing and smoothing skin’s texture

8.  Tomorrow Nail Polish (P250 each approx)

Left Side: Tomorrow Nail Ampoule – Pampers nails with rich ingredients and promotes nail growth

Right Side: Tomorrow Nail Glitter- High-impact macro multicolored hexagonal glitter polish with supreme sparkle and shine suspended in a complementary clear-colored base!

Those are everything I got!  Did you get anything this week? 🙂 Share them with me below! 


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