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Love Yourself Day 4 // Tips on How to Love Yourself

Valentine’s day might be over, but the feeling of love shouldn’t be. Love yourself first then spread that overflowing love to the people around you. Let your love be a light that can spark and make a difference to other people’s lives. You’ll never know how far love can change someone. But before you can do that, do you really know how to love yourself? Do you already see your own worth and appreciate yourself? Well, it truly is something difficult to do. With everything surrounding us, we can easily forget who we really are which is why today, I decided to make a blog post sharing to you some tips on how you can love yourself.

Tip #1: Focus on the things that you like about yourself.

We all have our own imperfections and flaws that we focus on too much. We tend to become insecure about our physical attributes, and we continously feel like we’re not beautiful enough. Admit it. You have felt being insecure at least once in your life, and so I think that’s the main thing that hinders us to love ourselves. Why not focus on the good things? We also have our talents and capabilities that only we can do. We are all unique in our own ways, so stop comparing yourself, and start seeing who you are as a person. The thing is when we choose to think negatively about ourselves, those thoughts turn into the reality we believe in. However, when we start to think about all the positive things we have, we are able to open our eyes and realize that we are beautiful. We are loved.

Tip #2: Prioritize yourself before others.

This may sound selfish to some, but don’t you think that when we keep on sacrificing what we want for other people’s happiness, we start to lose a part of ourselves? There’s no problem in helping others out or making them happy, but we all have that tendency where in we always think about what others will feel. Have you ever thought how you would feel with everything that’s happening? Prioritize yourself first so that when you start to think about other people,  you don’t compromise what you want and your happiness for theirs. Don’t settle for less. Start appreciating your worth and know who you truly are.

Tip #3: Be honest and express what you feel.

If you don’t like something then speak about it. If you’re going through something difficult, talk to your family, your friends, or your loved ones. You can even write about it. It’s never a good idea to keep everything inside you. One way or another, there will come a point when we can’t handle all our feelings anymore and we’ll burst all at once.

Tip #4: Do what you want to do. Do it for yourself.

A question you can ask yourself right now is “Am I doing this because I really want to?” If you’re not sure why you’re doing something you don’t really like then the most probable reason would be you’re doing it for someone else. I think that’s just screwed up. Why focus on what other people would think about you if you did something? It’s much more rewarding if you do something because it’s what you want, and it’s what you actually believe in. At the end of the day, it’s you who will gain that self-fulfillment. 

I hope that this year you will be motivate to love yourself completely. Don’t forget that loving yourself is the key to spreading love to the people around you.

 Love can make this world a better place. 🙂 


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